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SCORP Pro Camera Compatibility List

  • Easy Control with 1.3'' Touch Screen and Buttons
  • Detachable Suspension Handle, 20 meters Remote Control
  • Dual Electronic Knob for Teamwork
  • Flexible Axis Arm, Five-way Center of Gravity Adjustment
  • Built-in Vertical Mounting Plate
  • ABC Point Trajectory Memory Button
  • One Button Switch Landscape/Portrait/Selfie Mode
  • 12H Long Battery Life, 18W Fast Charging
  • Weight: 2.1 kg/4.63 lbs
  • Maximum Payload: 4.8 kg/10.58 lbs

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USD $629.00 USD $569.00
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FeiyuTech Scorp Pro Gimbal Stabilizer Overview

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro main functions

Detachable Suspension Handle

Wireless Remote
The detachable handle allows you to directly control focus, zoom and
the rotation of three axes. And the handle control distance can reach 20 meters,
which can help you improve the efficiency of teamwork.

A man uses wireless control mode of Scorp Pro gimbal

Somatic Remote
Long press the M button to enter the somatic remote control mode.
When you turn the handle, the gimbal will follow the direction of your handle.

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro's somatic controlled by the handle

Suspension Mode
When shooting from a low angle, the handle can be used as a underslung rear grip,
saving effort and making it easy to capture great low-angle footage.

A man uses FeiyuTech Scorp Pro gimbal's rear handle for low angle shooting

Handheld Mode
In handheld mode, you can change various angles in different shooting scenes.
The 1.3-inch touch screen on the detachable handle allows you to preview
the shots and change the shooting speed.

A man sees the touchscreen of FeiyuTech Scorp Pro to help shooting

Dual Follow Focus Electronic Knob

The two-wheel drive can help control follow focus, zoom and three-axis rotation
separately, improving the efficiency of teamwork. It also supports custom damping
for better handling feel.

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro's follow focus control

1.3-inch Touch Screen, All Under Control

Allow you to set all parameters, change follow mode and select shooting modes easily.

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro's touchscreen control

Multiple Auxiliary Structure

Help you install and balance your camera faster the next time you use the gimbal.

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro's built-in devices

ABC Point Trajectory Memory

You can separately select three points of focus, zoom or axis position with the
dedicated A-B-C button to achieve automatic focus, zoom or trajectory movement
for professional and stable videos.

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro's A/B/C buttons

Variety of Shooting Modes

You can select different shooting modes directly on Touch Screen: Time-lapse
photography, Panoramic photography, Space mode, Trajectory Time-lapse, etc.

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro's different shooting modes

Large Payload, High Compatibility

10.58 lbs maximum payload and extendable axis arm,
greatly expand the range of the camera adapter.

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro's compatibility with cameras

Modular Design, Adaptable for Various Scenes

The base plate is Arca Quick Release Plate with a 3/8"screw. And it is compatible
with 1/4"screw through adapter fittings. It can be matched with different equipment
to meet various shooting needs, such as Monopod, Slide Track, Tripod.

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro's accessories

More Accessories Available

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro Gimbal Cage

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro Gimbal Dual Handle Grip

FeiyuTech Scorp Pro follow focus

Main Features

  • 3-Axis Motor Lock Design: makes balancing and storage more convenient.
  • Max payload Updates to 4.8 kg: easily work with most of popular DSLR and Mirrorless cameras with large lenses.
  • 1.3-inch Touch Screen: comprehensive function display, directly set gimbal parameters and change follow mode and shooting mode.
  • Detachable Suspension Handle: support wirelessly remote control from 20 METERS and bring more possibilities for shooting from different angles.
  • Dual Electronic Knob: Two-wheel drive, accurately control focus, zoom and the rotation of three axes, set camera or gimbal parameters and support to customize damping.
  • Flexible Axis Arm: expand the compatibility space of the camera and lens, giving more loading space.
  • Center of Gravity Memory Slider and Five-way Center of Gravity Adjustment make installation and leveling much easier.
  • Built-in Vertical Mounting Plate: allow the camera to be mounted vertically on the gimbal without an additional portrait quick release plate.
  • ARCA Quick Release Base Plate at the bottom of the gimbal, can fast mount gimbal on popular quick release systems without re-assembling camera.
  • ABC Point Trajectory Memory Button: separately select three points of focus/zoom/axis position with the dedicated A-B-C button to achieve automatic focus/zoom/movement between three marked points.
  • One tap to switch between Portrait,Landscape and Selfie mode.
  • Various Shooting Modes Available: One tap to enter All follow or Flash follow mode, Auto rotation mode (Inception mode), Panorama, Timelapse (Motionlapse/Static timelapse/Hyperlapse), Track video, etc.
  • 18W Fast Charging: Type-C quick charging port for gimbal, it takes only 2.75 hours to fully charge the gimbal.
  • Dual Available USB Ports: for external focus motor/Zoom in&out set.




Feiyu SCORP Pro 3-Axis Camera Handheld Stabilizer

Dimensions (D x W x H)

334.6*195.8*274 mm (balancing position)
353.1*75.3*234.9 mm (folded position)


About 2.1 kg/4.63 lbs (including quick release plate, not included other accessories and camera)

Material of Main Body

Synthetic macromolecular resin,Alumninum Alloys


About 4.8 kg/10.58 lbs (well balanced)

Water Proof




3-axis Motor

Controllable Range


Rotatable Range

Tilt: 340°(With limitation)
Roll: 340°(With limitation)
Pan: 360°(Unlimited)

Follow Mode

PF Mode Scorp series gimbal PF mode

Pan follow, only the pan axis follows the hand movement

PTF Mode Scorp series gimbal PTF mode

Pan and tilt follow, only the pan and tilt axes follow the hand movement

FPV Mode Scorp series gimbal FPV mode

Pan, tilt and roll follow, all three axes follow the hand movement

Lock Mode Scorp series gimbal Lock mode

All three axes do not follow the hand movement, the gimbal keeps the fixed direction of the camera

FFW Mode Scorp series gimbal FFW mode

Flash follow, all three axes follow the hand movement at high speed

Extended Ports

At the bottom of the gimbal:

3/8 inch thread hole*1, with the 3/8- 1/4 inch thread insert (Standard accessory), user can also mount Tripod which using 1/4 inch screw;

At the bottom of the gimbal:

ARCA quick release base plate *1, can fast mount gimbal on popular quick release systems without re-assembling camera;

At the right side of handle versatile cross arm:

Type-C charging port*1, charge for gimbal and remote control handle;

At the left and right side of versatile cross arm:

ARRI rosettes*2;

At the end of versatile cross arm:

quick release mount for remote control handle *1, for installation of remote control handle;

In front of fixed plate:

Type-C extension port*2 to connect focus motors;

At the back of fixed plate:

Type-C camera control port*1, Type-C image transmission port*1;

In front of quick release plate:

1/4 inch thread hole*1, for installation of lens holder;

At the bottom of the remote control handle:

Type-C charging port*1, handle charging only;



Lithium Cell


2500mAh, built-in battery cannot be removed, charge it via the USB-C port

Theoretical Battery Life

12 hours

Operating Voltage


Operating Temperature

-10°- 45°C

Charging Time

About 2.75 hours (Using 18W fast charger)




Required Operating System

iOS 9.0 or later
Android 6.0 or later

How To Control Camera

While connecting the gimbal and your camera with cable (standard accessories for SONY, CANON, NIKON, Panasonic), users can control picture-taking/recording with shutter button and set aperture, shutter, ISO and other camera parameters (see Camera Compatibility List for more).

Motor Power Auto Tune

Auto Tune motor power is available to Touch Screen or the Feiyu SCORP App. Gimbal automatically tune the motor power according to the camera you install.
Auto Tune operation: Enter the motor power setting through touch screen, and tap Auto Tune, then put gimbal on the table until the display prompt calibration complete.
*It's a normal phenomenon that gimbal will vibrate slightly while Auto Tune to weigh the camera.

Optional Accessories

1. Monopod (Pay attention to its max payload)
2. Feiyu SCORP Focus Motor
3. Feiyu SCORP Image Transmission Transmitter
4. Gimbal Cage for Feiyu SCORP Pro
5. Dual Handle Grip for Feiyu SCORP Pro
6. 275mm Carbon Fiber Extension Rod
7. wireless microphone kit: wireless microphone ( transmitter terminal )*1, wireless microphone (receiving terminal)*1, wireless clip-on microphone*1
8. Body-mounted Weight Support for installing flash lamp/soft light/microphone and other devices via cold shoes

Available Functions For Users

1. Change follow modes via touch screen/buttons, directly show the state of camera connection, Bluetooth, control object , battery at the display without APP.
2. Manually set up the rotation speed, picture interval, long exposure time and the movement route in auto-rotation mode for long exposure timelapse.
3. Control picture-taking/recording with shutter button and set aperture, shutter, ISO and other camera parameters (see Camera Compatibility List for more).
4. Customize the some button functions, motor power, follow speed, dead zone, language, etc.
5. Initialize the gimbal when it is not level.
6. Manually set up the shooting angle on tilt axis and pan axis by hand.
7. Upgrade the firmware , set up the parameter, remote control on Feiyu SCORP APP.
8. Automatically tune motor power and customize motor power to be chosen to work with more cameras and lens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Meg Sissel
Great Stabilizer - with Flaws

I discovered that a lot of the stabilizing feels like metal on metal. Some paint has already started to chip from light handling. Do not try to adjust the stabilizer with a heavy camera attached. Besides that. The stabilizer is GREAT.

Michael Ryan
Yes almost perfect and suggestions.

Awesome gimbal which I am still setting up.

Would like to see some quick release attachments available like the folding handles but with out the handles..
A part that can be bolted to different things.
Also a module that has ExpressLRS in that connects to the Bluetooth on the gimbal for unlimited range control.. and that would be absolutely amazing for filmmakers.. running wireless systems..

Andrew Griffin
Incredible Gimbal

I bought the SCORP Pro after researching gimbals sturdy enough to carry a Kinefinity Terra cinema camera. I’d seen some mixed reviews if other brands equipment but every review regarding the SCORP Pro was positive. And now I can see why.
1. Set up- is a breeze due to the locking axis and motor calibration
2. QUALITY!- I found aluminium in places I expected plastic. Where there is plastic it’s soft touch quality plastic. Tolerances are excellent. The feel of this gimbal has to be experienced.
3. Versatility- yup, it does everything you’d expect it to. Plus, it can do it remotely AT NO EXTRA COST, it’s built in.

The only negative, and it’s a small one really, the user manual is pretty light on detail so best get familiar with the (admittedly excellent) Feiyutech web site.
Oh, and the value for money is unbelievable.
I’d like Feiyutech to add Kinefinity to the list of supported camera brands but for now I can work around that. Not forever though Feiyutech!

Can’t wait to get on set with this baby.

Alton Lacruz
Scorp Pro & Nikon D850

Delivery of product was fast. Thumbs up.
Scorp Pro was easy to setup.
Though I am encountering an issue with the gimbal to connect and control the Nikon D850 to take pictures and record videos. Iam currently in conversation with the support team but till this moment no solution. I woant to know if the gimbal can be replaced for a new one.

Jamar Selby
I really like this

I really like that’s the scorp pro it dose a lot of things I like It I like the flexibility to it


1. What’s the weight and maximum payload of the Feiyu SCORP Pro?

2. What kind of battery does Feiyu SCORP Pro use, and what’s the requirements for the charger?

3. How long does the battery last on Feiyu SCORP Pro?

4. What is the dimensions of the quick release plate and camera backing base?

5. The motors do not work after turning on the stabilizer, what should I do?

6. Stabilizer wobbles after turning on, what should I do?

7. Feiyu SCORP Pro is drifting while turning on, what should I do?

8. Feiyu SCORP Pro is not level, how to fix it?

9. How does the multi-function knob work?

10. How to control zooming in/out ?

11. How to get Follow Focus work with Feiyu SCORP Pro?

12. What’s the function of A,B and C buttons?

13. What shooting scene does Feiyu SCORP Pro have?

14. What is the farthest controllable range between the remote control/Feiyu SCORP App and Feiyu SCORP Pro?

15. Feiyu SCORP Pro enter into the sleep mode, what to do?

16. How does Feiyu SCORP Pro control the camera?

17. What expansion interface does Feiyu SCORP Pro have?

18. How to download the Feiyu SCORP Pro stabilizer’s App? What are the functions in the App?

19. How to upgrade the firmware of Feiyu SCORP Pro?


Ask a Question
  • can work with canon Rebel T6?

    It can be mounted and stabilized on the gimbal, but the gimbal cannot control the camera functions or parameters.

  • Hello.Do you have a manual (how to use) for the scorp pro Gimbal free for downloding?? Also do you have a video (beside the commercial video) presenting and explaining the futures of this new gimbal??? Thank you for your time...

    Hello. For product manual or tutorials, please check the 'Download' section of the product page. Thank you.

  • Is one motor for Focus/Zoom included in the package (like in the picture)... if yes/no how to add the two ? is it the same as for AK series AKFII ?

    The follow focus for the SCORP Pro gimbal is not included in the package and needs to be purchased separately. And the SCORP follow focus motor is different from AK series AKFII, please refer to this page: https://store.feiyu-tech.com/products/follow-focus-for-scorp

  • How do you set up and use the zoom function using a Sony A7Siii

    First, please make sure you are using the Type-C to Multi cable and power on the gimbal before the camera. And then set [Zoom Setting] to be "Clear Image Zoom" or "Digital Zoom" to enable Digital Zoom.

  • Is this compatible with Nikon Coolpix P1000?

    Nikon Coolpix P1000 can be mounted and stabilized on the SCORP Pro, but the gimbal cannot control the camera functions or parameters.

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Feiyu Scorp Pro

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Without Carrying Case
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