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1. What are the compatible smartphone models of Vimble2? What is the max payload of Vimble2?

2. Is action camera compatible with Vimble2?

3. What type battery does Vimble2 has? What is the battery capacity and voltage?

4. How to charge Vimble2? How long does it take to charge fully? How to know the battery is fully charged?

5. What’s the problem when the indicator is in red and green while Vimble2 shutdown and charging?

6. How long a fully charged Vimble2 will last? What is the working current when Vimble2 works normally?

7. Is Vimble2 able to charge smart phone? What are the arguments charging?

8. Is it possible to connect external mic from Vimble2?

9. What is the size of Vimble2? What about the net weight of Vimble2?

10. Is Vimble2 splash-proof?

11. What are standard accessories of Vimble2?

12. What are the thread sizes on the bottom base of Vimble2? How to make use of it?

13. What material is used in the body of Vimble2?

14. What is operating temperature range of Vimble2?

15. How many color does Vimble2 has?

16. How to balance Vimble2?

17. How to switch to portrait mode?

18. Is it normal if motor becomes a little bit hot when Vimble2 used in portrait mode for a long time?

19. How to use telescoping hand of Vimble2? How to do selfie with Vimble2?

20. How to power on/off Vimble2?

21. What is the function of joystick? Can I change the settings of speed or directions of joystick?

22. What does function button do? How to operate?

23. What’s the function of bluetooth shutter button ? How to operate?

24. How to use Focus button?

25. How to use trigger button?

26. How to use roll control?

27. How to perform auto-rotation? How to use this function?

28. How to perform moving time-lapse and motion control time-lapse?

29. How to initialize Vimble2?

30. Why gimbal is not level and how to calibrate it?

31. Is it able to charge smart phone while charging Vimble2?

32. How to know the power of gimbal is low?

33. How to identify the current status of Vimble2?

34. How to clear bluetooth pairing info?

35. What is the compatible App of Vimble2? How to download it?

36. Why should I input my email address when use Vicool App at the first time?

37. “No Stabilizer Found” or “Search again” shows up when try to make connection with Vicool App (as shown below).

38. “Connection Failed” is given when try to connect Vicool App, how to fix it?

39. What do all the icons mean in the shooting interface of Vicool App?

40. What does the motor strength mean?

41. Why vibration happens after firmly installing smart phone and powering on Vimble2?

42. How to use different shooting modes in the settings of Vicool App?

43. What are the parameters that could be changed in the camera settings of Vicool App?

44. What are the parameters that could be changed in the gimbal settings of Vicool App?

45. How to perform face tracking in Vicool App?

46. How to perform object tracking in Vicool App?

47. iPhone moves randomly when perform face tracking or object tracking, how to fix it?

48. How to save the edited video?

49. Why Android version does not have slow motion mode?

50. Does videos shot by the App could be saved in external SD card?

51. How to take panorama with Vicool App?

52. When successfully pairing the Bluetooth of Samsung smart phone with Vimble2, I can only take control of picture-taking, can’t take control of video-taking in video interface.

53. How to upgrade Vimble2?

54. What are the do's and don'ts when using Vimble2?

55. Why the portable bag is not fit for Vimble2?