Feiyu Pocket 3

4K gimbal camera, play the game in first-person view!

Condition: New Time of Release: 2023.6
  • Upgraded Cordless&Magnetic Design
  • Remote Control via Handle/Feiyu Cam APP
  • Wireless Real-time Image Transmission
  • Three-axis Anti-shake Performance
  • 3 Tracking Speed in Different Scenarios
  • AI Smart Tracking, Break-point Shooting
  • 4K/60FPS Video, 12MP Photo
  • Support UHS-I Speed Grade 3 (U3) microSD Card
  • Comparison: Feiyu Pocket 3 | Pocket 2S | Pocket 2
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Sale USD $329.00 USD $369.00

Kit: Pocket 3 Kit

  • Pocket 3 Kit
    • Feiyu Pocket 3 Camera *1
    • Remote Handle *1
  • Only Feiyu Pocket 3 Camera
    • Feiyu Pocket 3 Camera *1
  • Only Remote Handle
    • Remote Handle *1
USD $369.00 USD $329.00

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Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview

Cordless&Detachable, Play in First-person View

Built-in Magnets, free your hands and unlock more shooting angles you can't imagine.
Just mount it ANYWHERE you like—helmet, car roof, basketball hoop or curb post. Record every stunning moment!

Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview

Multiple Ways to Use

#Handheld Mode, #Fast Follow Mode—Fast tracking speed, #Riding Mode—Slow tracking speed, #Mounting Mode—Medium tracking speed

Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview


Wireless Real-time Image Transmission

Remotely control the Feiyu Pocket 3 and view photos or videos on the handle or phone in real-time. Never miss any great shots.
*Feiyu Pocket 3 can only connect to one device, handle or mobile(Feiyu Cam APP) via WiFi at a time.

Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview


4K/60FPS HD, 130° Super Wide-Angle

Easily choose between Super Wide/Wide/Narrow angle to get the original or distortion corrected shots.
The wide-angle view enables you to include more elements in the frame, particularly useful for action sports, group photos, landscape or underwater photography, and immersive footage.

Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview

Smart AI Tracking

Feiyu Pocket 3 supports Smart Tracking. The camera can automatically follow the moving object or keep your face in frame at all times.
Unlock more fun games!

Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview

Break-point Resume Record

The Breakpoint-Resume function allows you to temporarily pause the shooting, and then resume shooting at the breakpoint, so as to obtain smooth video.
Let’s try editing directly while filming!

Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview

More Filming Mode Options

Panorama, Static Timelapse, Motion Timelapse, Slow Motion, etc.

Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview
Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview


Feiyu Pocket 3 Cordless Detachable 3-Axis Stabilized Camera Overview

To know more about the edge of Feiyu Pocket 3 when shooting different videos in life, click here to read Why Feiyu Pocket 3 A Better Choice Than Action Camera for Travel 2023

Main Features

  • USB-C connection: Put the dovetail slot which at the bottom of Feiyu Pocket 3 stabilized camera aim to the convex slot of remote handle, and slide in along the slot to connect the USB-C port. Then users can control the camera through the remote handle after power on.
  • Wireless connection: Before using for the first time, please connect the remote handle with camera physically, and power on. Then detach the remote handle and the stabilized camera, and the screen on camera will prompt to enter wireless connection status, then the remote handle can control the camera wirelessly.
    Maximum remote control distance: 10 meters (under ideal conditions)
  • Supported functions when connecting Feiyu Pocket 3
    1. The camera view can be monitored via the touch screen.
    2. The camera can be controlled and configured through the touch screen.
    3. Control the camera through handle buttons (power button, joystick, mode button, shutter button, zoom button).
    4. Remotely control the camera with wireless connection.
    5. When connected to the camera with USB-C connection, it can supply power for the camera.
    6. When connected to the camera with USB-C connection, the sound can be captured through the handle's microphone, reducing the sound that may be generated by the motor running.
    7. After being connected to the camera with USB-C connection, the gallery can be viewed via the touch screen(no sound).




Feiyu Pocket 3 Stabilized Camera and Remote Handle

Dimensions (D x W x H)

Camera: 46.5*32.6*60.3mm
Handle: 23.1*30.8*105.3mm


Camera: About 86g/0.19lbs (Built-in battery, not include other accessories)
Handle: About 73g/0.16lbs (Built-in battery, not include other accessories)

Material of Main Body

Aluminum Alloys and PC





3-axis Motor

Max Controllable Speed


Controllable Range

Tilt: -95° to +50°
Roll: ±45°
Pan: -220° to +40°

Angular Vibration Range



Display Screen

Camera: 0.42'' OLED
Handle: 1.3'' IPS


2.4GHz; Bandwidth: 20MHz


1/2.3″CMOS; Effective pixels: 12M


FOV: 130°, Aperture(F): 2.0,
Equivalent Focal Length: 16mm

ISO Range


Electronic Shutter Speed


Max Image Size

4000×3000 pixels

Still Photography Modes

Photo / Panorama / Static Timelapse/ Motion Timelapse

Video Resolution

4K: 3840*2160@60/50/48/30/25/24fps
2.7K: 2720*1520@60/50/48/30/25/24fps
1080P: 1920*1080@120/60/50/48/30/25/24fps

Video Recording Modes

Video, Timelapse, Slow Motion

Max Video Bitrate


Supported File Formats

FAT32, exFAT

Photo Formats


Video Formats


Supported SD Cards

Micro SD, maximum support 512g memory card (An UHS-I Speed Grade 3 (U3) microSD card is required, equipped by user)

Audio Output

48KHz, AAC





Lithium Cell


Camera: 280mAh
Handle: 750mAh


Camera: 2.072Wh
Handle: 5.55Wh


Camera: 7.4V
Handle: 7.4V

Battery Life(1080P@30fps)

Camera: About 60min(Mounting mode)
Handle: About 116min(Connected to the camera), 5h(Not connected to the camera)
*When the camera is connected to the handle, the camera can be charged through the handle.

Charging Time

Camera: About 1.5h(5V/2A charger)
Handle: About 1.2h(5V/2A charger)
*It's recommended to charge the camera at least once a month.

Operating Temperature




Feiyu Cam

Required Operating System

iOS 9.0 or later
Android 6.0 or later

In the Box

Feiyu Pocket 3 Kit Version
Feiyu Pocket 3 main body*1, Remote handle*1, Expansion base*1, Mini tripod*1, Protective case for Pocket 3*1, Portable bag for Pocket 3*1, Portable bag for remote handle*1, USB-C charging cable for Pocket 3*1, USB-C charging cable for remote handle*1, Wristband*2, Wrist strap*1

Feiyu Pocket 3 Standalone Version
Feiyu Pocket 3 main body*1, Expansion base*1, Mini tripod*1, Protective case*1, Portable bag*1, USB-C charging cable*1, Wristband*2

Remote Handle for Feiyu Pocket 3
Remote handle*1, Portable bag*1, USB-C charging cable*1, Wrist strap*1

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Folarera Fasola

I love the product. Is as described.
The camera gets hot pretty fast and the battery also runs down very fast. 60% battery can't film me a 20 minute video on 2k. That's a bit bad I would say.
Other than that, quality is good and camera is easy to use.

Emanuele Masciadri
Battery range

I am happy about my pocket 3 but the battery life is a bit limited, 30 minutes maximum. I would have preferred at least 45.

timothy williams
Feiyu 3

Camera works great and does very well on and off the remote. The convenience of the wireless connectivity is great and solid thus far. Would highly recommend

Albert D. Janerich
Better than expected BUT room for improvement

I will be using my Pocket3 for skiing knowing full well it is NOT water resistant%2Fwaterproof. It will be selectively used in the springtime%2C on bright sunny days. I DON’T PLAN ON FALLING😎. %0D%0AThe Gimbal motion could be smoother and less abrupt when panning Right to Left or vis versa. I’m hoping the image quality will be better at 4K%2F60fps in bright sunlight otherwise a larger sensor would be helpful. If the device could be made WATER RESISTANT without sacrificing image quality that would be great. Some type of magnetic attachment for ND filters would be another plus. This effort by Feiyu Tech is revolutionary in my opinion and will buy future generations of this product when available.

Henry Pastor

It’s ok

Grumpy Spud
This is so much fun

This camera has been so much fun to use so far. The camera has a strong magnetic base as well as the option to connect to a small tripod, the handheld controller, attached to a standard screw mount, or even a pass-through strap mount when nothing else will work. The video is clear and quality is very good. I am still learning to use all the functions of this camera, as it has many, but so far it has been fun to play with and take videos with. The wireless controller makes taking videos even easier with the ability to see what is in frame and control where the camera is facing. Much better than using a smart watch to remotely control your phone and be limited to simple video or photo and not be able to adjust or move the camera without going to it and moving it. Quality is very good, and it came is a very nice box. It also came with two carrying bags, one for the camera and small tripod and the other for the controller. Since the camera can be controlled without the controller, it's nice to be able to carry them separately.

Mark Weinberg
Very cool product but definitely take some getting used to.

This is a cool product and the wireless features really nice. Outdoor picture quality is good though low light quality isn't the best. It definitely could be a great b-roll or second shot camera. The main thing that I bought it for which was the AI motion detection doesn't really work very well but honestly that's not a big surprise.
They're definitely is a learning curve with gimbal cameras so it's not something you're going to take out of the box and immediately start making perfect videos on.


1. Does Feiyu Pocket 3 support external microphone?

2. Does Feiyu Pocket 3 support stereo sound?

3. How to adjust the microphone volume?

4. How long does it take to fully charge my Pocket 3?

5. Is the battery for Feiyu Pocket 3 removable? How long is the normal use time?

6. How to install the gimbal and handle correctly?

7. How to turn on Feiyu Pocket 3's WiFi?

8. How far is the WiFi image transmission distance?

9. How does Feiyu Pocket 3 magnetically attract objects?

10. How to export pictures and videos?

11. What should be paid attention to when choosing a MicroSD card?

12. What's the function for Pro mode?

13. How to enter Pro mode?

14. How to reset my Feiyu Pocket 3?

15. What should I do if my Pocket 3 gets stuck?

16. After Feiyu Pocket 3 is turned on, there is no response when swiping down or right on the main interface of the handle, what should I do?

17. What should I do if Feiyu Pocket 3 cannot be turned on?

18. Does Feiyu Pocket 3 support power bank power supply?

19. Does Feiyu Pocket 3 support driving recorder?

20. Is Feiyu Pocket 3 waterproof?

21. Can Feiyu Pocket 3 be used as a webcam? What's the maximum resolution and frame rate in webcam mode?


Ask a Question
  • HI everyone , what is max distance between handle and camera for correct Work ? Thanks,

    The maximum control distance of the remote handle is about 10 meters(under ideal conditions).

  • What are the max resolution and frame rate of the Feiyu Pocket 3 in webcam mode ?

    Currently, the maximum resolution and frame rate supported by Feiyu Pocket 3 in webcam mode is 1080P 60fps. However, it is planned that Feiyu Pocket 3 will support up to 4K resolution in webcam mode after the next firmware update.

  • Can you use more than 1 camera at a time with the remote or app? If you can what is the max number of cameras?

    Sorry to tell you that one remote handle or APP can only control ONE camera at a time. If you want to use two cameras at the same time, you can use the handle and the APP to control one camera each.

  • What is the minimum focus distance in video mode?

    We recommend shooting at a distance of 0.5 meters or more.

  • What is the sensor size of the camera?

    Pocket 3 has a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with 12M effective pixels.

  • Will the Feiyu Pocket 3 also feature an HDMI output just like the 2nd generation models?

    No, Pocket 3 does not support HDMI output.

  • Can I use the app to operate the camera when the camera is connected to the remote handle via USB-C?

    When connecting Pocket 3 to the handle, you can use the mobile app for operation. When Pocket 3 is not connected to the handle, you can only choose to control it through either the remote handle or the mobile app.

  • Pocket 3 can shoot vertical footage?

    Yes, please hold it horizontally and tilt it more than 60 degrees, then it will switch to vertical mode.

  • If I buy two sets of Feiyu Pocket 3, can I use one of the handles with the other camera?

    Yes, they can be shared. Just connect camera A to handle B once with USB-C connection, wait for the WIFI icon to light up, and you can use the handle B to control camera A.

  • Is it possible to control 2 cameras from the app/handle at the same time?

    Currently, only one Pocket 3 camera can be controlled at a time using the app or the handle. 

  • Is the Pocket 3 camera useful without the handle?

    Yes, Pocket 3 can be used without the remote handle, and you can control it with Feiyu Cam App by Bluetooth connection.

  • I know the camera and handle have a microphone each, my question is if I separate the handle from the camera, which microphone will pick up the sound?

    When the camera and the handle are separated, the microphone at the camera will receive sound.

  • Can it connect to mobile apps for live streaming?

    We're sorry to tell you that the current version of Pocket 3 cannot be used as a live-streaming tool, nor can it be connected to live-streaming apps.

  • Can I control the gimble when connected in webcam mode?

    Yes, you can control the camera zoom and lens direction through the remote handle in webcam mode.

  • Can the Feiyu Pocket 3 be used as a webcam?

    Yes, Pocket 3 supports connection to devices such as computers, and can be used as an external camera.

  • Does the Type C to 3.5mm mic adapter support Feiyu Pocket 3?

    No, the mic adapter is not compatible with Feiyu Pocket 3. Pocket 3 does not support external microphones, but there is a microphone on the gimbal and handle respectively.

  • Are there infrared/night vision and/or motion detection features?

    Pocket3 has WDR function to assist night shooting, but it is not applicable to professional night shooting. It does not support IR detection, but has AI tracking.

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Feiyu Pocket 3

Pocket 3 Kit
Pocket 3 Kit
USD $369.00 USD $329.00