FAQs - Feiyu ON App

What should I do if I can’t turn on the gimbal properly? 

What should I do when the APP says “gimbal overload”? Why it can only be used for a few minutes after fully charged?

Where can I download the APP?

What should I do if the APP can't detect the Bluetooth of the device?

What should I do if the connection with APP fails?

What kind of phones are supported for Bluetooth pairing mode?

What functions are supported in Bluetooth pairing mode?

How to switch to portrait mode?

How to switch between different modes?

How to switch camera functions / modes quickly on the APP interface?

After upgrading the firmware, the gimbal can’t be turned on properly, what should I do?

The gimbal can’t be turned on properly after firmware upgrade, what should I do?

What should be paid attention to during the gimbal firmware upgrade.

When using the joystick to control the tilt axis, the pan axis will move for a little bit, it this normal?

Why does the pan axis shake when the tilt axis is manually pulled?

Can I shoot panoramas in portrait mode?

Can I switch between rear camera and front-facing camera for Feiyu ON App?

Can I switch between photo mode and video mode for Feiyu ON App?

What to do if problems such as non-level, non-centering or drifting occur?

What is the default mode after the initialization?

What is the battery capacity and how long is the battery life?

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

What is the normal working temperature of the gimbal?

How to switch to lock mode?

What is the difference between all follow mode and Inception mode?

How to switch to Action Mode?

How to switch to the exhibition mode?

I can’t use the face tracking function, am I doing something wrong?

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