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Feiyu Pocket 2S Protektor Silikonmaterial

Condition: New
  • ONLY Compatible with Feiyu Pocket 2S
  • Made of PVC+ Silicon material, resistant to scratches, accidental falls and impacts
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Riki S. Burks
Feiyu Pocket 2S Protector

I like the basic idea of the Feiyu Pocket 2S Protector however it suffers from several deficiencies of design that use testing prior to production might have alleviated.

First is that the design is for left handed people meaning if one holds the devise in the left hand then the starp cannot be unsecured or secured. this might have been avoided if the "button attachment" were put on both sides so that the Pocket could be secured by either hand.

Second is that there should be some loop so that a lanyard or strap could be attached not that the unit cannot be modified to permit this however it would have been nicer to have been designed in.

Finally the shaping of the interior does not conform to the shut down of the pocket so the head has to constantly be adjusted to fit in the case.

This all does not matter though as there is presently no alternative to the device so we are stuck with what Feiyu offers as underdesigned as it is.

Ashraf Sahil

FeiyuTech Feiyu Pocket 2S Protector Silicone Material

George Costello

it works

泰 池内



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Feiyu Pocket 2S Protektor Silikonmaterial

USD $19.00 USD $14.99