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Feiyu Pocket 3

4K gimbal camera, play the game in first-person view!

Condition: New Time of Release: 2023.6
  • Upgraded Cordless&Magnetic Design
  • Remote Control via Handle/Feiyu Cam APP
  • Wireless Real-time Image Transmission
  • Three-axis Anti-shake Performance
  • 3 Tracking Speed in Different Scenarios
  • AI Smart Tracking, Break-point Shooting
  • 4K/60FPS Video, 12MP Photo
  • Support UHS-I Speed Grade 3 (U3) microSD Card
  • Comparison: Feiyu Pocket 3 | Pocket 2S | Pocket 2
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Möglichkeit: Pocket 3 Kit+Free 128GB SD Card

  • Tasche 3 + Fernbedienungsgriff-Kombination
    • Feiyu Pocket 3 Camera *1
    • Remote Handle *1
  • Nur Feiyu Pocket 3
    • Feiyu Pocket 3 Camera *1
  • Nur Fernbedienungsgriff
    • Remote Handle *1
USD $369.00 USD $319.00
Dear customer, please note:
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Feiyu-Tasche 3

Abmessungen (T x B x H)

Kamera: 46,5 * 32,6 * 60,3 mm
Griff: 23,1 * 30,8 * 105,3 mm


Kamera: ca. 86 g (eingebauter Akku, anderes Zubehör nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)
Griff: ca. 73 g (eingebauter Akku, anderes Zubehör nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten)

Material des Hauptkörpers

Aluminiumlegierungen und PC






Maximal steuerbare Geschwindigkeit


Kontrollierbarer Bereich

Neigung: -95° bis +50°
Rollen: ±45°
Schwenken: -220° bis +40°





Kamera: 0,42'' OLED
Griff: 1,3'' IPS


2,4 GHz; Bandbreite: 20 MHz


1/2,3″CMOS; Effektive Pixel: 12M


Sichtfeld: 130°, Blende (F): 2,0,
Äquivalente Brennweite: 16 mm



Elektronische Verschlusszeit


Maximale Bildgröße

4000×3000 Pixel


Foto / Panorama / Statischer Zeitraffer / Bewegungszeitraffer

Video Auflösung

4K : 3840*2160 bei 60/50/48/30/25/24fps
2,7K : 2720*1520 bei 60/50/48/30/25/24fps
1080P : 1920*1080 bei 120/60/50/48/30/25/24fps


Video, Zeitraffer, Zeitlupe

Maximale Videobitrate

120 Mbit/s

Unterstützte Dateiformate

FAT32, exFAT





Unterstützte SD-Karten

Micro SD, unterstützt maximal 512 g Speicherkarte (Eine microSD-Karte der UHS-I-Geschwindigkeitsklasse 3 (U3) ist erforderlich und muss vom Benutzer bereitgestellt werden.)


48 kHz, AAC





Kamera: 280 mAh
Griff: 750 mAh


Kamera: 2.072Wh
Griff: 5,55 Wh


Kamera: 7,4 V
Griff: 7,4 V

Akkulaufzeit (1080P bei 30 Bildern pro Sekunde)

Kamera: ca. 60 Minuten (Montagemodus)
Griff: ca. 116 Minuten (Handle-Modus)


Kamera: ca. 1,5 Stunden (5V/2A Ladegerät)
Griff: ca. 1,2 Stunden (5V/2A Ladegerät)
(Es wird empfohlen, die Kamera mindestens einmal im Monat aufzuladen.)





Feiyu Cam

Erforderliches Betriebssystem

iOS 9.0 oder höher
Android 6.0 oder höher

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Juan Cañada
Estoy muy decepcionado

Se calienta muy rápido y se apaga, la batería dura muy poco y se apaga, la app de desconecta a cada rato, se tarda mucho en sincronizar con la app. En fin creí lo que había en YouTube pero me imagino que todo era como publicidad pagada sinceramente me gustaría que me regresaran mi dinero. No la recomiendo

Jorge Waldo Brambila
Zoom not easy

The slider to move the zoom in/out is not easy to grab, not ergonomic, the overall camera works fine

Piyush Sharma
Great pocket gimbal

Highly versatile usage. Great gimbal. Hope for improvements in video and picture quality.

Quan Teng Ho
Good, but loose connection.

The camera connection with the remote was loose and while filming it, it dropped and now the gimbal cannot stabilize at all.

Kevin K.

remarkable pocket sized action camera. At last some one has invented the right combination being able to control the camera head from a remote and able to place the camera in some amazing places and be able to monitor on the remote the right time to start recording and stop again. Best yet. I recommend this pocket 3 action camera as the perfect action camera. Its strong and well made. I am so happy now after all the other action cameras I have used. Best Wishes FeiyuTech

Folarera Fasola

I love the product. Is as described.
The camera gets hot pretty fast and the battery also runs down very fast. 60% battery can't film me a 20 minute video on 2k. That's a bit bad I would say.
Other than that, quality is good and camera is easy to use.

Emanuele Masciadri
Battery range

I am happy about my pocket 3 but the battery life is a bit limited, 30 minutes maximum. I would have preferred at least 45.


1. Wie lange dauert es, den Feiyu Pocket 3 vollständig aufzuladen?

2. Ist der Akku des Feiyu Pocket 3 abnehmbar? Wie lange ist die normale Nutzungsdauer?

3. Wie installiere ich den Gimbal und handhabe ihn richtig?

4. Wie schalte ich das WLAN des Feiyu Pocket 3 ein?

5. Wie weit ist die WLAN-Bildübertragungsentfernung?

6. Wie zieht Feiyu Pocket 3 Objekte magnetisch an?

7. Wie exportiere ich Bilder und Videos?

8. Worauf sollte bei der Auswahl einer MicroSD-Karte geachtet werden?

9. Unterstützt Feiyu Pocket 3 ein externes Mikrofon?

10. Unterstützt Feiyu Pocket 3 Stereoton?

11. Wie stelle ich die Mikrofonlautstärke ein?

12. Welche Funktion hat der Pro-Modus?

13. Wie gelangt man in den Pro-Modus?

14. Wie setze ich das Feiyu Pocket 3 zurück?

15. Was soll ich tun, wenn Feiyu Pocket 3 aufgrund unsachgemäßer Bedienung oder verschwitzter Hände beim Berühren des Bildschirms hängen bleibt?

16. Nach dem Einschalten des Feiyu Pocket 3 erfolgt keine Reaktion beim Wischen nach unten oder rechts auf der Hauptoberfläche des Griffs. Was soll ich tun?

17. Feiyu Pocket 3 lässt sich nicht einschalten, was soll ich tun?

18. Unterstützt Feiyu Pocket 3 die Stromversorgung per Powerbank?

19. Unterstützt Feiyu Pocket 3 den Fahrrekorder?

20. Ist Feiyu Pocket 3 wasserdicht?


Ask a Question
  • How long does the battery last for the camera alone and also if it is connected to the handle?

    When using the camera alone, the battery lasts about 60 minutes (at 1080P@30fps). When it is connected to the handle, the Pocket 3 can be used for approximately 116 minutes (the handle will charge the camera).

  • HI everyone , what is max distance between handle and camera for correct Work ? Thanks,

    The maximum control distance of the remote handle is about 10 meters(under ideal conditions).

  • What are the max resolution and frame rate of the Feiyu Pocket 3 in webcam mode ?

    Currently, the maximum resolution and frame rate supported by Feiyu Pocket 3 in webcam mode is 1080P 60fps. However, it is planned that Feiyu Pocket 3 will support up to 4K resolution in webcam mode after the next firmware update.

  • Can you use more than 1 camera at a time with the remote or app? If you can what is the max number of cameras?

    Sorry to tell you that one remote handle or APP can only control ONE camera at a time. If you want to use two cameras at the same time, you can use the handle and the APP to control one camera each.

  • What is the minimum focus distance in video mode?

    We recommend shooting at a distance of 0.5 meters or more.

  • What is the sensor size of the camera?

    Pocket 3 has a 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with 12M effective pixels.

  • Will the Feiyu Pocket 3 also feature an HDMI output just like the 2nd generation models?

    No, Pocket 3 does not support HDMI output.

  • Can I use the app to operate the camera when the camera is connected to the remote handle via USB-C?

    When connecting Pocket 3 to the handle, you can use the mobile app for operation. When Pocket 3 is not connected to the handle, you can only choose to control it through either the remote handle or the mobile app.

  • Pocket 3 can shoot vertical footage?

    Yes, please hold it horizontally and tilt it more than 60 degrees, then it will switch to vertical mode.

  • If I buy two sets of Feiyu Pocket 3, can I use one of the handles with the other camera?

    Yes, they can be shared. Just connect camera A to handle B once with USB-C connection, wait for the WIFI icon to light up, and you can use the handle B to control camera A.

  • Is it possible to control 2 cameras from the app/handle at the same time?

    Currently, only one Pocket 3 camera can be controlled at a time using the app or the handle. 

  • Is the Pocket 3 camera useful without the handle?

    Yes, Pocket 3 can be used without the remote handle, and you can control it with Feiyu Cam App by Bluetooth connection.

  • I know the camera and handle have a microphone each, my question is if I separate the handle from the camera, which microphone will pick up the sound?

    When the camera and the handle are separated, the microphone at the camera will receive sound.

  • Can it connect to mobile apps for live streaming?

    We're sorry to tell you that the current version of Pocket 3 cannot be used as a live-streaming tool, nor can it be connected to live-streaming apps.

  • Can I control the gimble when connected in webcam mode?

    Yes, you can control the camera zoom and lens direction through the remote handle in webcam mode.

  • Can the Feiyu Pocket 3 be used as a webcam?

    Yes, Pocket 3 supports connection to devices such as computers, and can be used as an external camera.

  • Does the Type C to 3.5mm mic adapter support Feiyu Pocket 3?

    No, the mic adapter is not compatible with Feiyu Pocket 3. Pocket 3 does not support external microphones, but there is a microphone on the gimbal and handle respectively.

  • Are there infrared/night vision and/or motion detection features?

    Pocket3 has WDR function to assist night shooting, but it is not applicable to professional night shooting. It does not support IR detection, but has AI tracking.

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Feiyu Pocket 3

Tasche 3 + Fernbedienungsgriff-Kombination
Tasche 3 + Fernbedienungsgriff-Kombination
USD $369.00 USD $319.00