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KiCA Jet Fan 2 Druckluft-Staubgebläse, 101000 U / min elektrische Luftkanne, Akku aufladen, einstellbare Geschwindigkeit

Suitable for dust cleaning on computers, keyboards and camera lenses

Condition: New Time of Release: 2023.2
  • Palm-sized and Portable
  • Special and Classic Appearance
  • Upgraded Two Functional Nozzles, Pointed and Round
  • Stronger Wind Speed, Reach up to 101000RPM
  • 3.5H Runtime, TYPE-C Fast Charging
  • Stepless Speed Regulation, Smooth Slide Control
  • Rechargeable and Eco-friendly, the Alternative to Canned Air
  • Comparison: JetFan 2 | JetFan KC1
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FeiyuTech KiCA Jetfan 2 Druckluft-Staubbläser Übersicht

Gehäuse aus mattem Metall

Exquisites Metall und T-förmiges Design liegt gut in der Hand

FeiyuTech KiCA Jetfan 2 Druckluft-Staubbläser Übersicht

Kompakte Größe und leistungsstark, leicht zu tragen

Gewicht nur 300 g, Mini-Größe und starker Wind

FeiyuTech KiCA Jetfan 2 Druckluft-Staubbläser Übersicht

Einstellbare Geschwindigkeit durch Schieben des Knopfes

Sie können die Windgeschwindigkeit einfach ändern, um sofort die gewünschte Windgeschwindigkeit zu erreichen

FeiyuTech KiCA Jetfan 2 Druckluft-Staubbläser Übersicht

Kleinere Düse, die einen starken Luftstrom erzeugt

Winde, die so stark sind wie Druckluft, können aus der kleineren Düse platzen

FeiyuTech KiCA Jetfan 2 Druckluft-Staubbläser Übersicht


Ein/Aus -Taste: Langes Drücken: Ein-/Ausschalten;
Einmaliges Antippen: Rufen Sie den Standby-Modus auf, tippen Sie erneut, um neu zu starten
Geschwindigkeitsregler: Schieben Sie den Geschwindigkeitsregler, um die Windgeschwindigkeit einzustellen.

FeiyuTech KiCA Jetfan 2 Druckluft-Staubbläser Übersicht

Multitool zum AUFBLASEN

Starker Wind beschleunigt den Vorgang

FeiyuTech KiCA Jetfan 2 Druckluft-Staubbläser Übersicht


FeiyuTech KiCA Jetfan 2 Druckluft-Staubbläser Übersicht

Multitool für ANDERE

Es liegt an Ihnen

FeiyuTech KiCA Jetfan 2 Druckluft-Staubbläser Übersicht





KiCA Jetfan 2 Air Duster


37,4 × 74 × 128,8 mm (kleiner als iPhone 11)



Material des Hauptkörpers


Drehzahl (rpm)

Hohe Geschwindigkeit: 101.000
Niedrige Geschwindigkeit: 22.500

Windgeschwindigkeit (m/s)

Schieben Sie den Geschwindigkeitsregler, um die Windgeschwindigkeit einzustellen



Ca. 3 h (aufladen über Typ-C-Anschluss, DC 5 V/1 A)


14,8 V, 1100 mAh, 16,28 Wh


12,8 V~16,8 V


0°C~+ 40°C


1. Power-Taste lange drücken: Ein/Aus
2. Tippen Sie einmal auf den Netzschalter: Wechseln Sie in den Standby-Modus, tippen Sie erneut, um neu zu starten
3. Schieben Sie den Geschwindigkeitsregler: Passen Sie die Windgeschwindigkeit an

Status der Anzeigeleuchten

1. Anzeige während der Verwendung:
Konstantes grünes Licht: Einschalten;
Rotes Licht blinkt schnell: Aufladen erforderlich;
Rotes Licht blinkt schnell beim Ausschalten: Niedriger Stromverbrauch, schaltet sich automatisch aus / Fehlfunktionswarnung
2. Anzeige während des Ladevorgangs
Konstantes rotes Licht: Laden
Grünes Dauerlicht: Ladevorgang abgeschlossen

Intelligenter Schutz

Das Produkt schaltet sich automatisch aus, wenn es im Standby-Modus innerhalb von 3 Minuten nicht bedient wird.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Neophytos Neophytou
Very good product

All as expected

Looking for some serious cooling?

Looking for some serious cooling?
I got the KiCA JETFAN 2.0 Mini Electric Air Duster Fan Multipurpose Fan to do some serious computer cleaning, but I found this tiny little fan has so many more uses. It’s currently over 110F outside and I’ve been using it to cool down. The fan moves so much air so fast that it’s great for cooling down. (See the review video to hear how fast the fan runs).

Besides being a useful cooling fan, I’m impressed with the design and build. The fan is well built, solid, and easy to hold. I’ve cleaned nine computers and keyboards in the household and still had hours of “cooling fan” usage, so the battery life is excellent too. Charging is done with USB-C, so I don’t need any special cables.


Dave Evers
Best in class!

I have several of these new powerful concentrated fans to use for dust management; but this is my absolute favorite. It is a bit more expensive than most, but its power and simplicity make it worth the cost. There is a push button switch to turn it on and off (with a long press), and a slider to adjust speed/force. The unit is small, but it really packs a punch. I like it so much I got 3!

Great Fan!

This fan works really well.

I like the look, the aesthetic, generally the value is there.

The design feels quality, the overall functionality is great.

Happy with it, zero problems so far.

Portable air blower with decent blowing power.

This is by far the most portable air blower I have. Its small in size and it does have decent air blowing power. I suppose its good for some use, I personally wanted this guy to blow dust out of the computers, due to the blowing power, it just doesnt cut it. There are other air blowers that have much more power than this little guy but I suppose we can expect that due to its size. Another small issue, the mouth adapter included has its hole too small which causes some of the air to blow back into it, making it even less powerful. The other adapter included has a bigger hole and it works much better.

Overall , if you don't need strong blowing power then this is for you. You cant beat the size, if you want something with strong blowing power than consider another electronic air blower.


Have you ever tried to clean a bug zapper with one of those little brushes that come with it? Well, it isn't easy. I have bought those cans of compressed air, but those are like $5 dollars each. So, I ordered this little tornado for 2 jobs, to clean my laptop and to clean my bug zapper. It does a great job on the bug zapper! Haven't tried it on the computer yet. It is rechargeable and has an off/on button and a slide to control the power of the air. The only thing I don't like is that the controls are on the side the air comes out so you have to almost turn it toward yourself to access the controls. In the video it is a half power.

Kenneth Pettus
Love it

It sounds like an airplane jet. I have used it for when I am outside working out and a quick way to cool down. It a nice and fits great in my gym back on in my middle console in the car. I have used it once to dry my fur baby off, but he does not like it at all. I am sure that he will get used to it. It's not loud and the Battery life is great. Highly recommend.

KiCA Jet Fan 2

For Any Air Blowing Needs, The KiCA Jet Fan 2 is Enough


Low Noise


Large Battery Capacity


Powerful Airflow


Matte Metal Crafted Body

Reviews are in!

Zander Round

"This cool gadget is perfect for any household, office or campsite."


"KiCA Jetfan 2 Electric Air Blower, A Much Improved Version of the Original Model"


"This thing really blows!"

Rami's Garage

"Being rechargeable allows you to use it freaky without the restraint of a wired device."

Iain's Bricks

"The KiCA Jet Fan 2 - Excellent for helping to clean your Lego display items - Sponsored Video"

Lightweight and Mini Size

Smaller than iPhone 11, weighing ONLY 300g/0.66lb.
Never be bothered by bulky air blowers again. Jet Fan 2 fits perfectly at the palm of your hand, and enables you to travel light anywhere.

画板 1 拷贝 3.jpg__PID:066ca35f-2b32-4255-9a0e-42388b4d41cb

2-in-1 Blower and Vacuum

The combination of blowing and vacuuming design provides you a multifunctional cleaning tool that's perfect for both household cleaning and personal care.

Stepless Speed Adjustment

The KiCA Jet Fan 2 features stepless speed control, allowing flexible and precise airflow adjustments from 4.9m/s to 20m/s. This ensures it meets your varying wind power needs and extends the machine's lifespan.

Upgraded Two Functional Nozzles

One pointed nozzle and one round nozzle, suitable for different scenarios. Small nozzle blasts wind as powerful as compressed air.


4 heads for all your needs

We provide 4 heads for different uses.
KiCA JetFan 2 can be an air pump, a hairdryer, or dust cleaner…Jet Fan 2 brings infinite possibilities.

Ultra-Powerful airflow

With a maximum RPM of 101,000, delivering a top wind speed of 20m/s, its powerful performance easily handles surface dust, rain, and snow.

3.5H Long Standby

Up to 3.5 hours of running-time with USB-C rechargeable battery for added convenience.


Matte Metal Crafted Body

Unique and classic look, minimalist double-cylinder. The matte metal and T-shaped design create a durable, comfortable body that resists scratches and fingerprints.


Ask a Question
  • How long does it run on max with a full battery?

    The maximum battery life of the Jet Fan 2 is about 3 and a half hours.

  • can i bring on plane

    The battery specifications of Jet Fan 2 are 14.8V, 1100mAh, 16.28Wh. Generally speaking, you can bring it on a plane.

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KiCA Jet Fan 2 Druckluft-Staubgebläse, 101000 U / min elektrische Luftkanne, Akku aufladen, einstellbare Geschwindigkeit

USD $99.00