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Typ C auf 3,5 mm MIC Adapter für Feiyu Pocket 2/2S

Condition: New
  • Compatible with Feiyu Pocket 2, Feiyu Pocket 2S (*Please note that this MIC adapter is NOT compatible with Feiyu Pocket 3)
  • Support Active Mono/Stereo Audio Jack Microphone
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USD $19.00

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  • SCHNITTSTELLE: Typ C auf 3,5-mm-MIC-Buchse
  • ADAPTIVES MIKROFON: Aktives Mono-/Stereomikrofon oder weniger 2,0-V-treibendes passives Mikrofon (passives Mikrofon kann die Eingangsaudioqualität nicht garantieren)
  • Paket: MIC. Adapter *1

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lubomir Ruza


Christopher Wilkinson
Quick Delivery

Reviews on the web lead me to believe that I would be waiting weeks for delivery. Much to my surprise it was delivered in days. Very good service. The device is really very small and neat to use.

Rudy Rastiono
Not have yet

Until now/ this time not have the Feiyu adaptor yet...I want to know why?

Richard Paradise
I haven’t decided what application to use with it yet

I haven’t decided what application to use with it yet

fitzallen PHILLIPS
Feiyu pocket 2 2s type to 3.5 adapter.

Great price ,can't wait to use it.

Osamu Furukawa

Feiyu Pocket 2 2S Type C to 3.5mm MIC Adapter,Support Active Mono/Stereo Audio Jack Microphone

J Bates

I need to amend my previous review by saying that my issues may not be with the MIC Adapter itself. After testing this adapter on my Android phone with a couple different mics, I experienced no static of white noise. My issue seems to be with the Pocket 2S unit itself that is causing the static with this adapter.
I truly hope Feiyu can resolve this static noise with a software update to the Pocket 2S, because I am not able to use the internal mic for quality audio, and their own MIC Adapter doesn't appear to be compatible with the camera at this time, as it causes massive static noise with any external mic.


Ask a Question
  • Does it have compatibility with Feiyu Pocket SE?

    We're sorry to tell you that Feiyu Pocket SE does not support this MIC adapter accessory.

  • Does it support Feiyu Pocket 3?

    No, Feiyu Pocket 3 does not support external microphones.

  • Will this adapter be compatible with the upcoming Feiyu Pocket 3?

    Sorry, this mic adapter is not compatible with Feiyu Pocket 3.

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Typ C auf 3,5 mm MIC Adapter für Feiyu Pocket 2/2S

USD $19.00