SCORP 2 Technical Precision Unveiled

by FeiyuTech Store

SCORP 2 Technical Precision Unveiled

New launched camera gimbal SCORP 2

Launched in Dec. 2023, SCORP 2 is our new flagship DSLR Mirrorless camera gimbal after SCORP and SCORP-C.

Table Of Content

  • New Design of SCORP 2
  • Highlights and New Upgrades
  • Comparison with SCORP 1
  • Conclusion

New Design of SCORP 2

Priced at $369 ($399 for the Kit), the new SCORP 2 strikes a balance between professional-grade performance and affordability, appealing to a wide user base. The SCORP 2 maintains a more ergonomic design (than SCORP 1) with robust yet lightweight materials, featuring a new control layout with a responsive joystick and touchscreen. The payload capacity accommodates diverse camera setups and accessories without compromising stability. And the gimbal's long battery life (13hours with 18W fast charger) ensures uninterrupted shooting sessions.

Highlights and New Upgrades


Built-in AI Tracking Module
For those who frequently capture moving subjects, the SCORP 2's built-in tracking module is a valuable addition. AI tracking module (with 4 gesture controls) allows for intelligent shooting without the need for additional accessories. It's worth noting that the fill light needs to be purchased separately.

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Native Verticle Quick Release
New generation L-shaped fixed plate, paired with a brand-new anti-detachment quick-mount slider, no need for additional accessories. Simply install the slider directly onto the vertical arm of the device for quick vertical mounting.

Fast Bluetooth Control
Added Bluetooth camera control function, supports both cable and Bluetooth control. Improved joystick for enhanced grip and slip resistance. New stabilization algorithm enhances anti-shake and anti-vibration performance.

Comparison with SCORP 1

Camera Control
SCORP 1 primarily supports cable control. In a notable evolution, SCORP 2 introduces Bluetooth control functionality, broadening the range of control methods. Moreover, SCORP 2 supports charging for shooting devices compatible with the USB power supply protocol, adding an extra layer of

Vertical Mounting
Vertical mounting is a consideration in both models, but SCORP 1 required an additional vertical mounting plate. In contrast, SCORP 2 streamlines the process with a new L-shaped fixed plate and an anti-detachment quick-mount slider, eliminating the need for extra accessories.

Touch Screen & Joystick
SCORP 1's touch screen had a fixed brightness and utilized an ordinary joystick. SCORP 2 addresses these limitations by introducing an adjustable brightness touchscreen and an upgraded joystick for enhanced control precision. The maximum brightness is approximately 50% higher than the previous generation, providing better visibility outdoors, especially in sunlight.

In terms of weight, SCORP 2 is noticeably lighter, weighing about 1070g/2.36 lb (excluding tripod and other accessories, as well as the camera), compared to SCORP 1, which weighs about 1200g/2.65 lb.


FeiyuTech's SCORP 2 stands as a testament to technical innovation, addressing and surpassing the limitations of its predecessor. With improved compatibility, control features, and a focus on technical precision, the SCORP 2 emerges as a top-tier cinematic stabilization solution for discerning filmmakers. Followed are all accessories for SCORP 2 gimbal.

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