Refurbished Feiyu AK2000S(Ship to US ONLY)

Condition: Refurbished
  • Greater stabilization performance, Faster respond speed
  • 3-Axis motor-lock design, ACAR quick release
  • Unique lightweight rosewood handle
  • Detachable versatile arm & LCD touchscreen
  • One click to enter different modes
  • 14H runtime, 18W quick charge
  • Payload: 2.2kg/4.85lbs, Weight: 1.1kg/2.4lbs
  • Comparison: Feiyu AK2000S | AK2000C
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Kits: AK2000S Standard Kit

  • AK2000S Standard Kit
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Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Feiyu AK2000S Gimbal Overview

Main Features

  • Max payload updates to 2.2KG, easily work with most popular DSLR Mirrorless cameras.
  • Touch Screen Operation: enable One Hand Operation, no need to complete basic operations through Feiyu ON App. Directly set camera or gimbal parameters and change follow mode and shooting modes.
  • Detachable Versatile Arm: switch between single handle and underslung position to shoot from different angles and use in more different shooting scenes.
  • Unique Lightweight Rosewood Handle that combines metal with solid wood for an excellent grip.
  • One Click to Enter Different Modes: Motion Timelapse, 360 Degree Rotation(Inception Mode), Auto-rotation, Portrait Mode, Selfie Mode, All Follow Mode, etc.
  • 18W Quick Charge Design: USB C quick charging port for gimbal, takes only 1.5 hours to fully charge the gimbal.
  • Quick Release Plate Design for camera to get real quick setup in 1 second.
  • Base and upper quick release plate is compatible with ARCA quick elease system, which can fast switch between popular quick release system and AK2000S gimbal.
  • 3-Axis Motor Lock Design: make gimbal balancing and storage more convenient.
  • Dual Available USB Ports for external follow focus/Zoom in&out set.
  • Motor Power Auto Adaption: Automatic motor power adjustment and motor power customization to fit more cameras and lenses.
  • Customize trigger button, follow speed/dead zone, motor power, etc. to fit more different usage.
  • Optional motion sensing remote control provides remote shooting and more creative possibilities.
  • Optional wireless microphone kit for better sound recording, make your VLOG / TikTok video come with sound more easily.




2.2 kg/4.85 lbs (well balanced)


1.1 kg/2.4 lbs (not included the battery, shutter release cable, camera, lens and so forth)

Dimensions (W x D x H)

158.7*203.6*372.8 mm (normal state)
71*208.8*350.4 mm (storage)

Materials in Main Body

Aluminum Alloys + Rosewood

Waterproof Grade

Not Water-proof


Feiyu ON
(required operating system: iOS 9.0 or later, Android 6.0 or later)


Rotatable Range

Tilt: 230°(with limitation)
Roll: 360°(unlimited)
Pan: 360°(unlimited)

Controllable Range

Tilt: +175° to -55°
Roll: 360° unlimited (it could be automatically rotated 360° in one circle or several circles in Inception mode)
Pan: 360°(unlimited)

Quick Release Plate

There are two kinds of quick release plate together in one.
Bottom Mounting Plate and Upper Quick Release Plate are both compatible with ARCA quick release system, which can be removed from the gimbal together with the camera, and fast switch between popular quick release systems without re-assembling and re-balancing the camera.


Battery Type

Not removable

Battery Life

7h for normal working state, 14h for standby mode (well balanced)

Charging Time

≥1.5h, support all the normal charger and quick charger which charging power≤18W
(for example: 9V*2A=18W, 12V*1.5A=18W)


Charging via the USB C port on the handle (quick charger which charging power≤18W is supported)
The screen will show charging icon, and disappear after 1 second. Press any button to show the current charging state.

Follow Mode

Pan follow: The roll and tilt direction are fixed, and the camera moves according to the left-right movements of user's hand. (tilt axis keep vertical and roll axis keep horizontal)
Follow mode(Pan and tilt): The roll direction keep horizontal, and camera moves according to the left-right movements, up-down movements of user's hand.
Lock mode: The orientation of the camera is fixed no matter how the handle rotates.
All Follow Mode: All 3 axis of gimbal follows the movements of handle without limitation.

Extended Ports

There are NINE extended ports in single handle:
On the top of sliding arm of tilt axis : One 1/4 thread hole for installation of extension support or other accessories.

At the back of mounting plate: Camera1 USB-C port and Camera2 USB port to connect and control the camera.

In front of mounting plate: UART1, UART2 USB ports to connect external AFKII.

At the left and right side of handle: 1/4 inch thread hole to extension support other accessories, such as monitor, Mic, versatile arm and so forth.

At the bottom of the handle: 1/4inch thread hole and 3/8inch thread hole to mount Tripod or other accessories.

At the right side of handle: USB-C port for quick charging & update firmware(need a separate USB adapter)

How to Control Camera

USB cable Control: While connecting gimbal and cameras with cable (standard accessories for SONY, CANON, NIKON, Panasonic), users can control focus/picture-taking/recording/Auto-burst shot with shutter button (see Camera Compatibility List for more), switch photo/video mode with mode button (expect Panasonic, because it is using shutter release cable).
WIFI control: Gimbal can connect with camera via Feiyu On app and WiFi. When connection is done, camera could be controlled to take photo/video/zoom/follow focus.
1. WiFi feature should be included so that camera could be connected via WiFi.
2. Digital Zoom and Follow Focus could be performed when they are supported. Please refer to the list of controllable cameras.
3. Recommend using Sony Type C to Multi cable to control SONY cameras,which is more stable and rapid reaction.

Motor Power Auto Adaption

Auto-adapt of Motor power is available to the App or Touch Screen. Gimbal automatically adjust the motor power according to the camera you install.
Auto Adapt operation: Enter the payload setting through touch screen, and tap Auto Adaption, then put gimbal on the table until the display prompt complete.
Note: It's normal for the gimbal to vibrate slightly during automatic weighing.

Available Functions
for Users

1. Change working mode via touch screen or buttons, directly show the state of camera connection, bluetooth, control state, battery at the display without APP.
2. One tap to enter Inception mode, long exposure timelapse, VLOG Selfie and portarit shooting for TikTok, and more special shooting modes.
3. Manually set up the rotation speed, picture interval, long exposure time and the movement route in auto-rotation mode for long exposure timelapse.
4. Control and set up the camera, taking photo, recording, follow focus, zoom in&out with USB cable control or WIFI control.
5. Initialize the gimbal when it is not level.
6. Manually set up the shooting angle on tilt axis by hand.
7. More optional accessories available, such as hyperlink remote controller, AKFII follow focus motor, monitor, monopod, wireless microphone kit, etc.
8. Upgrade the firmware, set gimbal or camera parameters, virtual remote control on Feiyu ON App.

Accessories for Standard Kit

Standard Kit (including versatile arm, anti-slip tripod, USB cables and other accessories):
EPP box *1
AK2000S *1
Versatile arm + tighten screw *1 set
Anti-slip metal tripod *1
Sony USB control/camera charging cable: USB2.0 to Micro(A01) *1
Sony USB control cable: Type C to Multi *1
Canon USB Cable USB 2.0 to Mini(B01) *1
5D Mark IV USB Cable USB 3.0 to Micro 3.0(A02) *1
Shutter release for Panasonic TYPE C to DC2.5 *1
Nikon&EOS R USB control/gimbal charging cable: USB 2.0 to Type C(C01) *1
Fujifilm Shutter Release Cable TYPE C to TRS2.5 *1
Bottom quick release plate *1
ARCA quick release plate *1
lens supporting frame + fixed screw *1
Thumb screw to fix the camera(short) *1

Accessories for Advanced Kit

Advanced Kit ( including versatile arm, anti-slip tripod, USB cables, brushless AFKII and other accessories):
AK2000S *1
Brushless AFKII *1
Versatile arm + tighten screw *1 set
Anti-slip metal tripod *1
Sony USB control/camera charging cable: USB2.0 to Micro(A01) *1
Sony USB control cable: Type C to Multi *1
Canon USB Cable USB 2.0 to Mini(B01) *1
5D Mark IV USB Cable USB 3.0 to Micro 3.0(A02) *1
Shutter release for Panasonic TYPE C to DC2.5 *1
Fujifilm Shutter Release Cable TYPE C to TRS2.5 *1
Nikon&EOS R USB control/gimbal charging cable: USB 2.0 to Type C(C01) *1
Bottom quick release plate *1
ARCA quick release plate *1
lens supporting frame + fixed screw *1
Thumb screw to fix the camera(short) *1
EPP box*1

Compatible Camera

Payload: 2.2 kg/4.85 lbs (well balanced)

Reference Compatible Cameras Size for Carry:
Camera height (include the height of viewfinder): ≤130mm
The distance from screw hole to the right edge of camera: ≤95mm
Maximum length at lens direction: about 175mm

Popular DSLR & mirrorless camera supported:
1. SONY: α5100, α6000, α6100, α6300, α6400, α6500, α6600, α7, α7 II(A7M2), α7 Ⅲ(A7M3), α7R, α7R II, α7R Ⅲ, α7R IV, α7S, α7S II, α9, RX100 IV(RX100M4), RX100 VII(RX100M7), RX10 IV etc. Mirrorless camera series
    Lense Series: SONY FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS, FE 16-35mm f/4 , FE28-70mm, FE 4/24-105 G OSS , FE 85mm F1.4 GM and etc.
2. CANON: M50, EOS 200D, EOS R, EOS RP, M6 mark II, G7X mark III, EOS 90D and other cameras with similar size and weight
   Lense Series: Canon RF 24-105mm F4L IS USM, RF 50mmF1.2L, RF 35mmF1.8 and etc.
3. Panasonic: GH4,GH5, GH5S, G9, DC-GX9KGK-K, DC-GF9XGK, DC-GF9KGK, DC-GF10KGK, DC-ZS70GK, DC-ZS220GK, DMC-ZS110, DMC-GX85, DMC-LX10, DMC-LX100 and other similar camera;
   Lense Series: LEICA DG Vario-Elmarit 12-60 f/2.8-4 Power OIS, LUMIX G 14-140mm f/4-5.8 OIS, LEICA DG Vario-Elmarit 8-18mm f/2.8-4.0 ASPH and etc.
4. Nikon: Z6,Z7 and other similar Mirrorless camera
   Lense Series: NIKKOR Z 24-70mm f/4 S, NIKKOR Z 14-30mm f/4 S and etc.
5. Fujifilm: X-T30, X-T20, X-A7, X-A5, X-T100, X-H1, X-T3 and other similar camera
   Lense Series: XF 16-55mm 1:2.8 R LM WR, XF 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR and etc.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Johnny Remans
(Refurbished) AK2000S ; I love this thing !!

I bought the AK2000S to use with my Panasonic FZ2000/2500.
Because the lens of the device is quite long, the FZ2000 has to go far back to get into balance.
I took the lens hood off and the viewfinder rubber touched the rear motor a little bit.
So I also removed this one , when using the gimbal you do not use a viewfinder . and you can just put it back on afterwards. The balancing itself went very smoothly and I was impressed with the images after the first tests. I just have to be careful not to move too fast ;-).
But it is a perfect device and aI love it !!!

Pierre Bouvier
Great tool!

I received my AK2000s a few days ago and learned to use this tool quite quickly. It works fantasticly well and the technical support I received was awesome! Nevertheless, it would be a good idea to improve in the future the possibility of grafting certain accessories such as a microphone or a monitor to the gimbal. I finally managed to attach these accessories to the versatile arm but with some modifications.
Very satisfied with my purchase!

Peter Hanmore
Works perfectly

This was a refurbished unit but you would never be able to tell the difference between this unit and a brand new one. All parts were included and the gimbal was easy to set up (lots of good YouTube videos for this). The motors are quiet and quite strong, easily controlling my Nikon z7ii.

Follow focus motor not work

I wanted to give 5 stars but I have to give 4 stars because the follow focus motor doesn't work . The gimbal is perfect ! Thankyou


1. How long is the battery life?

2. How long does it need to get the gimbal fully charged?Does it support fast charge?

3. What type of battery does the AK2000s use? What are the requirements for the charger?

4. The motors do not work after turning on the gimabl, what should I do?

5. What should I do if the gimbal does not center or keeps drifting or not being level?

6. The gimbal vibrates after switching to another camera?

7. What structure design does the quick release plate has?

8. What are the functions of the power button?

9. What are the functions of the mode button?

10. What functions does the function button have?

11. What function does the trigger button have?

12. What are the ways to connect and control the camera?

13. Can’t power up the gimbal after keyboard firmware update?

14. When using the AKF II, it doesn’t keep attaching tight with the lens when rotating the magic ring to focus?

15. When the gimbal is off and being charged, the charging icon will disappear after a while?


Ask a Question
  • What defect does it have? Is something wrong?

    The refurbished AK2000S has only been used a few times and is still in good condition. Also, it has the same ONE-YEAR warranty as new products.

  • Can the handle holder work on the G6 max?

    The dual handle grip is not compatible with G6 Max. But we will have the handle for G6 Max in the future.

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Refurbished Feiyu AK2000S(Ship to US ONLY)

USD $349.00 USD $169.00