We could feel the rush of anticipation when FeiyuTech launched the new generation of 4 in 1 camera smartphone stabilizer gimbal-G6 Max. It is more likely a work of art. 

Compared to the G6 Plus, in order to provide a better customer experience, what G6 Max really presents is a huge upgrading to the gimbal industry not just gimbal itselt.

An indisputable fact that the live broadcast has deeply influenced people's life and it also accelerated the development of the video camera. More and more cameras that designed for the Vlogger. And G6 Max is born for Vlogger. 

Let's start!

1.5 Times Max Payload

G6 Max max payload is up to 1200g/2.65lbs while G6 Plus only support 800g/1.76lbs. That means you have a large range of camera for your choice.

Slighter Gimbal Weight

G6 Max only 665g/1.46lbs(including the battery). And this is a litter slighter than the G6 Plus 663g/1.46lbs(not including the battery)

Battery type and Charging

G6 Max is built-in battery which help to extend the usage life of gimbal caused by the differenty quality of battery. User can charge it via USB C cable via Type C port. It is allowed to be used while charging of course.

G6 Plus is powered by 1 removable 26650 battery and can be charged separately, allowed use while charging too.

Easy Compatible to Large Size Camera

G6 Max Connecting Arm is Lengthened which contribute to the larger size of fram and make it easily to compatible with more Mirrorless(easily compatible with Camera Sony a7 series and short lens).

G6 Plus frame is relatively small, and the camera with high body may be difficult to balance.

Quick Release Plate

G6 Max uses Lengthened screw hole for more different cameras. The Quick Release Plate Design help to get the camera setup an ballance in 1 second.

G6 Plus use three short screw holes, camera balance is not convenient.

UI & Status Visualization

G6 Max places the high frequency shooting button, function button, shutter button and Joystick on the front side, while the low frequency like power button and camera mode button on the right side, the gimbal function is distributed to each button and reasonable.

G6 Plus puts both buttons and joystick are on the front side, all functions are concentrated on two buttons. So  user memory learning time is slightly longer.

Better UE Multi-Function Knob Design

G6 Max increased the size of the Multi-Function Knob, the damping is enhanced, the thread is anti-slip, to get a better use experience.

G6 Plus Multi-Function Knob is small and has no anti-slip treatment.

Silent Trigger Button Design

G6 Max adopts the silent button design which gives users a more intimate control experience, and the trigger button protrudes in accordance with the usage habits.

G6 Plus adopts the dot trigger design, the button sounds may be recorded to the video.

Labor-saving Handheld Design

The handle of the G6 Max is ergonomically designed. This makes G6 Max easily to be holded by the curve for labor-saving. So this is more convenient to hold and operate by single hand.

And the handle of the G6 Plus uses a traditional cylindrical design.

Larger OLED Display Screen

G6 Max owns a larger screen, support English/Chinese display, add multi-page interface for clear operation. The interaction experience is better.

G6 Plus only has small screen, single page interface.

Fast Switching Portrait Mode

With G6 Max, just one tap to enter Portrait Mode for Tik Tok etc. It can also switch between horizontal and portrait mode in 1 second but G6 Plus do not support this feature.

Quick Entering/Setup Inception Mode

For G6 Max, just one tap to enter Inception mode. Any rotating angle is available to set the rotation speed/direction and the number of rotation turns.

For G6 Plus, need to use customize button operation to enter the Inception mode, controls the joystick to rotate 360°, the speed is constant, and the operation is relatively complex.

More Powerful Time-lapse Shooting

 When use G6 Max, the screen operation can enter the time-lapse shooting, and supports the photo interval, the exposure dwell time, and the rotation speed setting. There is also the ability to repeat tracks.

When operate G6 Plus, quadruple tap to enter automatic rotation mode(set uniform movement), only support speed setting.

Camera Control

G6 Max provides Cable control and WIFI control. The cable control supports some camera recordings, supports hot plugging, plug and play, and the connection status is displayed on the screen.

G6 Plus can only support Wi-Fi.

Camera Connect Port

G6 Max can use Type-C port on the fixed plate to connect camera to gimbal but the G6 Plus do not support.

Charging Port

G6 Max: Type-C port (handle Part)

G6 Plus: Micro USB port

Extension port

G6 Max has total three 1/4 inch thread hole at the bottom of the gimbal, the left and right sides of the handle part, for greater expandability.

G6 Plus has totally two 1/4 inch thread hole at the left side of the handle bar and the bottom.

Standard Tripod

G6 Max is comed with a new small tripod,size is right, the grip is good and G6 Plus need to buy it seperately.


For G6 Max you will get:

    USB C cable*1

    Gopro adapter*1

    Long screw*1

    smartphone adapter*1

    Sony shutter cable (Type C to Multi)*1

    Shutter release for Panasonic (TYPE C to DC2.5)*1


    EPP bag*1

For G6 Plus you will get:

    26650 Rechargeable Battery*1

    USB Cable*1

    Adapter for action camera*1

    portable bag *1 

Above are all of the key features that differece between G6 Max and G6 Plus. Hope can help you more.