Calling all vlogging enthusiasts and content creators! Focus on the FeiyuTech Pocket 3, the perfect all-in-one camera that fits in your pocket as it is named. As a second-generation gimbal camera with a built-in three-axis stabilizer, the FeiyuTech Pocket 3 takes your vlogging game to a whole new level. Designed as an upgrade to the Feiyu Pocket 2 & 2S, this new gimbal camera boasts a better 1/2.3″CMOS, improved autofocus system, and more microphones (on both remote handle and camera), enabling you to shoot higher-quality and stabilized photos and videos with ease.

Some basic settings & highlights about Feiyu Pocket 3

Gimbal modes of Feiyu Pocket 3

Follow Mode: In this mode, only the pan axis follows the movement of your hand, allowing you to capture smooth panning shots.

All Follow Mode: Both the pan and tilt axes follow your hand's movement, while the roll axis remains locked. This mode is perfect for tracking subjects and achieving stable shots.

Lock Mode: In Lock mode, all three axes stay fixed and do not follow your hand's movement, ensuring a stable and consistent direction for your camera.

Diving Mode: When used with the optional waterproof case, the Diving mode allows the lens to turn upward, and all three axes follow your hand's movement, making it ideal for underwater shooting.

If you want to know more details about Gimbal Modes, maybe this article can help you: Gimbal Modes of FeiyuTech's camera gimbals.

Camera shooting modes of Feiyu Pocket 3

Photograph Mode: Capture stunning high-resolution photos with ease, whether it's a candid moment or a carefully composed shot.

Video Mode: Shoot videos in various resolutions, from 4K at 60p for cinematic brilliance to 1080p at 60p for fast-paced and fluid footage.

Slow Motion Mode: Elevate your storytelling with dramatic slow-motion sequences, revealing the hidden beauty in every movement.

Timelapse Mode:Unleash the magic of time with mesmerizing time-lapse videos, capturing the passage of hours or even days in a single frame.

Panoramic Photo Mode: Embrace the grandeur of vast landscapes with the Pocket 3's panoramic photo mode, offering both 3x3 and 180° options for breathtaking captures.

Hyperlapse Mode: Blend motion and time-lapse elements to craft captivating hyperlapse footage, weaving a spellbinding narrative that transcends reality.

Control of modes for Feiyu Pocket 3

Precise performance is key to capturing the perfect shot, and the FeiyuTech Pocket 3 offers easy calibration and reset options for unparalleled accuracy:
Gimbal Calibration: Should your camera not be level, simply use the calibration function to bring it back in alignment. Press the power button and the gimbal mode button simultaneously, and watch as your camera regains its true center.
Reset: To restore your camera's parameters to their factory default settings, press the power button and the shutter button simultaneously, and witness a fresh start for your creative endeavors.

Some other great functions

Gesture Shooting: Make a "V" gesture in front of the camera to take photos or start recording, adding a fun touch to your content creation process.
AI Tracking: The Pocket 3 includes object tracking, enabling you to select a subject in the camera interface and have the gimbal automatically follow its movement. Additionally, with face tracking enabled, the gimbal will lock onto faces in the frame, ensuring your subject remains in focus throughout the shot.
Smartphone Motion Sensing Mode: For added versatility, users can control the pan and tilt axis through motion sensing using their smartphones. *This feature requires smartphone gyroscope sensor support.


The FeiyuTech Pocket 3 is a vlogging machine that offers unparalleled performance in a compact package. With its advanced features, modes, and controls, you have all the tools you need to capture stabilized video and exceptional photos without the burden of heavy gear. From its ease of use to its impressive stabilization capabilities, the FeiyuTech Pocket 3 is a game-changer for content creators, vloggers, and anyone seeking high-quality footage on the go.

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