FeiyuTech Camera Stabilizer Gimbal Compatibility Checking

Camera Stabilizer Gimbal, as we know:

is a device designed to hold a camera in a manner that prevents or compensates for unwanted camera movement, such as "camera shake"

Different stabilizer gimbal has different limitations on the size and weight to make sure the stabilization for cameras with lens, that is so-called "Camera Balance". 

So if the camera with lens can be balanced in a gimbal, that means this stabilizer gimbal will keep the camera with lens in a stable state.

How do we know which stabilizer gimbal can hold our camera without putting the gimbal on it? NOw just fill in the following 4 value and we can help you to figure it out which gimbal can support the camera: 

  • Total Weight of camera with lens
  • Width between camera tripod socket and camera body right edge(camera tilting monitor faces to you)
  • Camera Height including the viewfinder
  • Max Length from camera tilting monitor to the end of lens(Or if you no need to use a longer lens, you can input the total lens that you want to use is also all right)

Then you can go us the calculator to work it out.

FeiyuTech Camera Stabilizer Gimbal Balance Calculator


In order to make it more convenient to operate the camera like snapshot, video recording, focus, follow focus or adjust camera ISO., WB., EV. etc, Stabilizer Gimbal has also extended these features for users on some famous camera brands like Canon, Sony, Nikon,Panasonic and Fujifilm etc. 

To a camera stabilizer gimbal, compatible camera functions  are not a must and it will be better if it has these features.  You can check it below to see if your camera is supported:

FeiyuTech Camera Stabilizer Gimbal Compatible Camera Function Query


Hope our stabilizer gimbal can do help you.

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