FeiyuTech brought innovative products to the IFA exhibition in Germany, showcasing the strength of China's science and technology!

On September 1, 2023, the Consumer Electronics Show in Berlin, Germany, successfully opened at the Berlin Convention and Exhibition Center. This global event attracted the attention of countless industry practitioners and enthusiasts. FeiyuTech also showcased its innovative products at the event, demonstrating the strength of China's intelligent manufacturing to the world.

At this exhibition, we introduced our latest products, including the detachable wireless gimbal camera Feiyu Pocket 3, the Scorp series professional stabilizers, and a range of fashionable and forward-looking technological innovations like the KiCA Jetfan and KiCA massage gun. These offerings showcase Feiyu's manufacturing strength and innovative spirit. We invite every visitor to experience our products up close and personally discover the allure of technology.

Feiyu Pocket 3, the world's first detachable wireless gimbal camera, made a significant impact at this exhibition, leaving a lasting impression on visitors due to its exceptional and stable performance. This gimbal camera features a modular design, allowing the camera and the remote control handle to be separated wirelessly. Leveraging advanced image stabilization and transmission technology, it delivers clear and stable images, meeting the diverse shooting needs of users in various scenarios. Furthermore, the gimbal camera supports advanced features such as magnetic installation and wireless remote control, greatly enhancing its versatility and enabling more creative shooting possibilities.

In addition, the Feiyu Scorp series of professional stabilizers also garnered significant attention. Their distinctive integrated structure design provides photographers with a comfortable and ergonomic grip experience. They incorporate new resin and aviation aluminum materials to achieve the perfect balance between lightweight construction and stability. Among these stabilizers, the Scorpi Mini model has received widespread acclaim. It is versatile, compatible with mobile phones, mirrorless cameras, compact cameras, and action cameras, catering to diverse shooting needs while allowing users to express their creativity with stability.

The products from KiCA, a sub-brand of FeiyuTech, also attracted the attention of many exhibitors who had the opportunity to interact with them. The KiCA Jetfan, renowned for its exquisite and compact design, can generate a powerful wind force of up to 20 m/s. Its integrated design, combining both blowing and suction functions, allows for a variety of applications, including accelerating combustion, rapid inflation, and deflation. It received unanimous praise from the attendees.

The KiCA Evo massage gun boasts a powerful motor capable of deeply targeting the buildup of lactic acid and effectively relieving fatigue. Featuring a retractable and foldable design, it allows you to massage your back and thighs on your own, offering a new healthcare option for sports enthusiasts.

At this IFA exhibition, we engaged with global industry elites and enthusiasts, shared our products and technologies, and collectively explored future possibilities. Moving forward, FeiyuTech will remain dedicated to technological innovation and the delivery of outstanding products and services to consumers worldwide. Let us anticipate more exciting developments from FeiyuTech in the future!