FAQs - Feiyu Pocket 2

What are the dimensions of the Feiyu Pocket 2?

How much does the Feiyu Pocket 2 weight?

Is the battery removable? What is the battery capacity and how long is the usual usage time?

How long does it take to fully charge the Feiyu Pocket 2?

Is Feiyu Pocket 2 waterproof?

How to download the App for Feiyu Pocket 2? And what functions it has?

How to connect with Feiyu Cam App?

How to zoom in/out?

How to upgrade the firmware for Feiyu Pocket 2?

The pan axis keeps drifting around on it’s own, what should I do ?

What’s the different between High quality and Super high quality?

What should be paid attention to when choosing a MicroSD card?

How to check the remaining memory of the SD card?

How to export the pictures and videos?

What is the maximum resolution for video shooting?

How to set up the resolution of video shooting?

What’s the video formats for Feiyu Pocket 2?

What’s the image format for Feiyu Pocket 2?

Is it possible to compose and view panoramic photos by the Pocket 2 itself?

How to check the remaining battery of Feiyu Pocket 2?

How many way points does the Time Lapse mode support?

What panorama modes does the Feiyu Pocket 2 support?

How to switch to portrait mode?

How to enter Pro mode?

What’s the function for Pro mode?

How to adjust the screen brightness?

How to directly share the videos?

How to take a selfie by the Feiyu Pocket 2?

How to switch between different follow modes?

What functions does the joystick support?

How to adjust follow speed?

How to check the pictures and videos saved in the MicroSD Card?

How to set up the Feiyu Pocket 2 as an external camera for a PC?

In which modes of the gimbal does dead zone exist? And what is dead zone for?

In what scenarios should the anti-flicker function be used?

In what scenarios should the Metering function be used?

The processing time is too long after taking a picture, how to solve this issue?

The gimbal follows too sensitively in motion mode that it’s difficult to control, and I can’t capture satisfying scene, what should I do about it?

Which mode is better for straight-line shooting scenarios?

The panorama pictures are not well composed in the APP, what should I do about it?

How can the camera quickly turn to a specific spot that I want?

The gimbal stop working and can’t be controlled, how to solve this?

The camera can not connect with the Feiyu Cam APP, how to solve this problem?

How to adjust the microphone volume?

How to activate face tracking function?

Does Feiyu Pocket 2 support external mic?

Why the videos look gray?

How to lock and unlock the screen?

What configurations need to be set up to get the most high quality videos?

Why does it lag when I play the videos that are downloaded from the Feiyu Cam APP on my phone?

Why the Feiyu Cam APP on my iPhone can’t go landscape mode when using it for camera preview?

Why can't I build up the connection by scanning QR code after the camera has changed the password?

Why I can’t connect the Feiyu Pocket 2 with Feiyu Cam by scanning the QR code?

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