FeiyuTech - June 09 2023

Why Feiyu Pocket 3 A Better Choice
Than Action Camera for Travel 2023

As summer vacation approaches, it's time to gear up and capture those unforgettable moments. When it comes to pick from various types of cameras to document your precious experiences on the road, you might be hesitating between 2 popular choices: action camera and Feiyu Pocket 3 - a video cam with built-in gimbal. Both of them to some degree are perfect for outdoor photography: light, compact, tough, easy to pull out and turn on to capture fleeting moments, complement to your cellphone but less than a bulky professional camera, with some special features like mountable, stabilized footage, motion shots, high-resolution video...

         Since you clicked in this page, you might in favour of both Feiyu Pocket Cam and action camera for your travel plan. Now is probably the time to make an informed decision on your constant companion for the tour, below are recommendation for your choice based on different travelling scenarios.

Feiyu Pocket 3 is new-released

For Travel Video on Moving Vehicles

     Picture this: you're exploring new destinations, immersing yourself in new cultures,   and snapping breathtaking photos and videos along the way. You may be biking down a bumpy road or in a car with your family sticking heads out of car window. Both of action camera and Feiyu Pocket 3 can be mounted on vehicles or helmets. But the extra accessory for action camera like setup mount can be a hassle. It means more time fiddling around and extra weight for your kit.

     For Feiyu Pocket 3 with a click-together modular design, you can easily detach the gimbal camera from its control handle, and it’s totally wireless! The gimbal camera can be fixed on vehicles in whatever position with its magnetic base, the same time you can check the scene on the handle’s screen. If you fix it on your windshield, then it will be a dash cam. Feiyu Pocket 3 gets a edge over its easy setup to mount on vehicles or anywhere else. When you spend time meandering through scenic streets, you can wear the cam by the straps with cool 130 degree super-wide FOV. With Feiyu Pocket 3, anyone, even the not skilled can create crisp and clear scenic video effortlessly.

Feiyu Pocket 3 has deachable handle

For Family Documentary & Friends Vlog

     No matter if the vlog is happening when run through the neighborhood, catch your kids up and down, or horseback riding along with your friends, Feiyu Pocket 3 helps release you from annoying choppy videos, say bye bye to uneven framing, bouncing and swings. Though action camera & Feiyu Pocket 3 can’t compete with DSLR and mirrorless camera in image quality, they still output true-to-life and cinematic video work with short learning curve. Unlike most cellphones, Pocket 3 provides 4k@60fps UHD resolution, 1/2.3inch CMOS sensor f/2.0 lens, which is wide for both video and photos, and makes image quality nothing short of incredible. It also supports micro SD card up to 512GB, and great microphone reception.

     Both of action camera and Feiyu Pocket 3 can be used for family vlog along the trip paired with an selfie stick and phone attachment, which helps catch people off-guard with most natural feelings unlike when using professional kits. And don’t forget the greatest feature of Feiyu Pocket Cam is its 3-axis motorized gimbal! Also combined with stabilization algorithm on software. Instead of carrying an extra action camera gimbal which normally weighs around 500g, you can simply find Feiyu Pocket 3 a lightweight combo(only 86g). Someone may asks, most action cameras also have in-camera stabilization, is gimbal better than OIS? As experience tells us, gimbal is the best to erase the jerkiness from large movements, like people walking around hold their cameras with unsteady hands, while in-camera stabilization is restricted either to only static shots, or low light environment.

Feiyu pocket 3 is used to document happy moments with friends

For Action & Adventure Video

     For all the adrenaline junkies out there, action camera can be the first go-to option due to its prominence in cold/water/dust resistance and battery life. Whether you're skiing down powdery slopes, going scuba diving underwater or skydiving from great heights, you can literally take action camera anywhere. Its ruggedness is unrivaled, but Feiyu Pocket 3 has its own complement for bad weathers - a robust IPX8 waterproof case. You can simply put the cam in the case and set it on a mini pod or take it handheld into the pool. And most importantly, an outer waterproof case doesn’t disturb gimbal stabilization as some action camera’s waterproof mode does. The battery life for Pocket 3 is acceptable 60min duration under 1080p@30fps, and by the way, you can use the remote handle to charge the Pocket 3 camera if needed.

Feiyu Pocket 3's waterproof case


     If you are trying to condense your travel kit to minimal, and also aim for buttery smooth footage, I would recommend you the Feiyu Pocket 3, the latest addition to the FeiyuTech family coming in June, 2023, offers a new level of convenience and stability in a compact package an other optional accessories like straps, waterproof case, extension stick, phone holder, SD card...anything you may need to get the final perfect shots. As your summer vacation approaches, don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your content creation game, with Feiyu Pocket 3, you can capture your adventures with ease and share your exhilarating experiences with the world.

Feiyu Pocket 3 review video

Article credit: FeiyuTech (https://store.feiyu-tech.com/blogs/news/feiyu-pocket-3-for-travel)

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