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FeiyuTech Giveaway Invitation

As 2023 draws to its end, in the official month of thankfulness, we're here to invite our existing customers to this exclusive giveaway. It's our way of saying thank you for being an integral part of the FeiyuTech family. 2023 is a meaningful year for us, in which we brought out 3 gimbals and 1 camera. And SCORP 2 and SCORP Mini 2 will arrive in December.
It always feels like honored to know that FeiyuTech can be a travelling companion, a witness of your memorable moments. A travel vlog to seaside, a house showcase video, an advertising work, a wedding record... Let's share the fun you have with FeiyuTech!

Gift for Everyone

After posting on your social media, please send us an email at with the screenshot of your post and include your email address for receiving your $15 coupn code (available this month). You can use this code on all items, even during Black Friday Sale.

Giveaway Extra Gift

At the beginning of December, we will go through all post and send out special gifts for 3 posts with most likes.

FeiyuTech Pocket 3

1x Pocket 3 gimbal camera for the only post with most likes

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FeiyuTech VB 4

2x VB 4 smartphone gimbals for 2 posts with 2nd. and 3rd. most likes.

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Giveaway FAQs

No. The shot itself needs to be created with FeiyuTech product. We suggest you add "Shot on (the FeiyuTech product you use" in your post.

P.S. Don't forget to add 2 hashtags in your post...(#FeiyuTech and #FeiyuTechGiveaway)

✔️You'll get your $15 code(expire in November) as soon as you email us about your post.

✔️You'll get the extra gift at the beginning of December, after we contact you and confirm shipping address with you.

As long as you use FeiyuTech product(either you purchased it from other stores or received it as a gift), you're good to join.

Yes. All extra gifts are under 1-year warranty. Click here to learn more.


✔️ Each email address stands for 1 post.

✔️Post from the same social media account will be counted for only 1 email address

(E.g. If you publish several posts on 1 or 2 platforms, we'll view the only post of most likes valid.)

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