A: When surfing, if the G5 is covered with the seawater, the salt in the water will corrode inner chips or metal,we DO NOT suggest you use it in seawater. It will be fine in fresh water or warm water.And the grade of splash-proof is IP67

A: The G5 is compatible with Gopro Hero 3/3+/4/5, Xiaomi Yi,4K,AEE ,SJCam and other cameras with the similar size as Gopro, the maximum height of mounting plate is 44.7mm, as shown in the picture. and the maximum weight is 120gText

A: 1) Please install the camera firstly, and then turn it on .If you turn it on without the camera ,There will be some vibrations, and it will be enter stand-by mode automatically to protect the gimbal.

(2) Please DO NOT place the battery in wrong direction, the anode of the battery should be upwards, and the gimbal will be burnt if you did the wrong operations with the battery .

(3) Please turn off the gimbal and take out the battery if you didn’t use it for a long time, it is easy to over-discharge if you don’t do that.

A: Please make sure the camera is close enough with the tilt motor, there should be no space between them.The standard of balancing well is that the camera won’t suddenly drop down after being mounted. It may not keep good level while power off because of the tolerance of the count-weight, but it won’t affect G5 to work steady.

A: Please kindly check the following steps to fix it.

(1) Check whether match the weight ring + Counter weight with Hero5.

(2) Check whether the camera is close enough with the tilt motor and no space,

whether the two thumb screws are tightened on the same sides,

whether the thumb screw is tightened well.

(3)Try to mount it in reverse position as the user manual shown.

(4) If you did the right steps as above, please try to connect Feiyu On APP to restore to factory settings.

  If the problem is the same as before, please try to decrease the rolling motor strength with 5 by 5.

A: (1) Please set up the audio of the Hero 5 in Raw Audio Track and Manual Audio Control as the picture shown.

(2)Please try to mount Hero 5 in reverse position, leave mic input far away from the motor, as shown below.

(3)Please add some EVA between the Hero5 and the mounting plate to isolate the motor noise.

A:Battery type:22650

 battery capacity:3000mAH

 Battery voltage:3.7V

A:It takes about 6 hours to fully charge a 22650 battery.

 You can charge it directly through the USB cable to the Micro USB port in the handle part (as the picture marked) , 5V input

You can also charge the battery with a separate charger (commercially available) as shown below.

A:Check the color of the indicator in the handle, when the indicator color changes from Red to Green means the battery is fully charged.

A:Please make sure the USB cable is always connected, 5V input.
If you did the right operation ,and it wasn’t fully charged more than 8 hours ,there would be somethings wrong with the charging circuit , please kindly return it back to us for repair.
Considering the expensive shipping cost for returning back, Foreign customers or authorized dealers can be sent the connector module to the user directly(as the picture shown) , and replace the parts by themselves.

A:The battery produce 4.2V when fully charged, and down to 3.2V or even lower when fully discharged.

A: The running hour is 6~8 hours when G5 is fully charged.The normal current is 150~200mA.While charging with a working Gopro Hero 5, the normal current will be about 1A,The running hour is about 20mins if the Hero5 is low power. And the running hour is about 90 min to 120 min if the Hero5 and the gimbal are fully charged.

A: There are 1 / 4inch screw hole on both of handle and the bottom of G5, which can be compatible with all the accessories with the 1 / 4inch screws,as the picture shown.

There is a M22 * 1.5mm screw thread ON the bottom, It can be compatible with Feiyu extension bar.

A: The charge port of G5 is near the tilt motor, as the picture shown, which is covered with a default EVA.
If you want to use it ,just tear off. 
After tearing a few times , it can not be restored, but it won’t affect the splash-proof function, because there are water resistant materials covered above inner components,and make it splash-proof , not the EVA. 
Please DO NOT use it in water while charging with the camera.

G5 can be used to charge with Gopro Hero series, the charging cables are Mini cable and Type C cable. Mini camera charging cable as the picture shown, which can be charged with Hero3 / 3 + / 4.

Type C camera charging cable as the picture shown, which can be charged with Hero5

A:The APP for G5 is named Feiyu On, Feiyu On for Android can be downloaded from our website and Google Play, Feiyu On for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store.

A: We have combined the original FY Settings and Feiyu On into new APP(Feiyu On) for better usage, Please try to use new Feiyu On with G5.

A: Power on the gimbal(make sure install the camera on the gimbal firstly),and Turn on the Bluetooth in your mobile, Run Feiyu on. Slide to the left or right to choose the right gimbal(such as G5),click on”Connect” to make a connection .It will enter the main interface while the connection is done.The connected interface as the picture shown.

A: When using level calibration function,Please kindly place the gimbal vertically on the desk, as the picture shown.

Please kindly do not move the gimbal or disturb it while calibration.If spinning around happened after calibration, please kindly send back to us for re-calibration.(Authorized dealer can use calibrate software to re-calibrate.)

A: You don’t have to pair the Bluetooth when connecting with Feiyu On.
Just power on G5, Turn on the Bluetooth in your mobile, Run Feiyu on and make a connection.

A: Motor strength means the strength of each motor in 3-axis to support the camera, and keep it stable. The default setting as 50 is for a few kinds of compatible camera. If you added extra lens or there is little vibrations after power on, please kindly increase or decrease the motor strength in 5 by 5 to right setting. 

A:The limiting value when the camera start a movement following the handle movement is dead zone. In panning mode ,panning and tilt mode, the camera starts a movement once the handle move more than this angle(default angle of dead zone is 10degree)

A: When connecting with Feiyu On or charging the gimbal, you can use it in normal way, just do the right operation to switch different working modes,or switch between horizontal mode and vertical mode.

A: There are 1 / 4inch screw hole on both of handle and the bottom of G5, which can be compatible with all the accessories with the 1 / 4inch screws,as the picture shown.

There is a M22 * 1.5mm screw thread ON the bottom, It can be compatible with Feiyu extension bar.

A: The Self-timer button is used with the voice function of the Gopro Hero 5, You can use it as following :

Long press the self-timer button and hold it, the lens will rotate 180 ° towards photographer, working together with the voice control function of the Gopro Hero 5, it can make a Selfie , release the button to restore.

Pleas follow this vedio to upgrade the firmware of G5

A: There are some waterproof materials inside the gimbal to make it splash proof, if the waterproof materials covered too much,when working in different temperature or the weather is too hot, there will be melting phenomenon, Please don’t worry about that because most of the material is stable, it won’t affect the splash proof function of G5, just clear up and use it in normal way.

A: There may be something wrong with the joystick because sometimes the inner waterproof materials affects the joystick , you can send the gimbal back to be repaired . Or we can directly arrange some joysticks to you , and we will give you tutorial video to guide you replace it.

A:Please try to initialize the gimbal and restore to factory settings with Feiyu On APP,If there is still big movements after the above operations,we suggest you take a video to show us, and send it back to repair. If it is a little bit movements in lock mode, please try to use other working modes except lock modes.

A: It happened because the control signals may mess , or attitude parameter may lose.We suggest you try to upgrade the firmware,if it didn’t work after that, please kindly send back to re-calibrate.  (Authorized dealer can use calibrate software to re-calibrate it.)