Q:What type of battery is SPG compatible with? What is the battery capacity and voltage?

A:Battery type:22650

 battery capacity:3000mAH

 Battery voltage:3.7V

Q: How to charge the battery? And how long does it take to charge the battery ?

 A:It takes about 6 hours to fully charge a 22650 battery.

 You can charge it directly through the USB cable to the Micro USB port in the handle part (as the picture marked) , 5V input


You can also charge the battery with a separate charger (commercially available) as shown below.

Q:How should I know whether the battery is fully charged?

A:Check the color of the indicator in the handle, when the indicator color changes from Red to Green means the battery is fully charged.

Q:The indicator color won’t change from red to green after charging for a long time (8 hours or more) via Micro USB port in the handle part , what’s the problem?

A:Please make sure the USB cable is always connected, 5V input.

If you did the right operation ,and it wasn’t fully charged more than 8 hours ,there would be somethings wrong with the charging circuit , please kindly return it back to us for repair.

Considering the expensive shipping cost for returning back, Foreign customers or authorized dealers can be sent the connector module to the user directly(as the picture shown) , and replace the parts by themselves. 

Q: What voltage is it when the battery is fully charged? What voltage is it when it’s low battery? 

A:The battery produce 4.2V when fully charged, and down to 3.2V or even lower when fully discharged.

The normal current is 150~200mA.

Q: How many hours does the SPG with fully charged work? What is the current when the SPG works normal?

A: The running hour is 6~8 hours when SPG is fully charged

The normal current is 150~200mA.

Q: Is it possible to charge smartphone with SPG ?

A: Sorry, it can’t charge the smartphone, but you can charge smartphone with lightning and power bank, as the picture shown.

Q: Is it possible to connect external mic from SPG?

A: If the headphone jack of your smartphone is not blocked by SPG, you can directly connect the micphone with smartphone to record. As the picture shown.

Q: What kinds of camera is SPG series compatible with?

A: The SPG is compatible with iPhone 7plus/7/6s Plus / 6s / 6 Plus / 6  iPhone 5s / 5C / 5

, other smartphone with the similar size as iPhone and similar camera as Gopro,YI camera.

The height of mounting plate is from 55 to 80mm, and the maximum payload is 200g.

Q: What is the size of SPG? What about the net weight of SPG?

A: The size of SPG is 122*102*302mm,the net weight is 350g (not including the battery,the smarphone)

Q: Is SPG water-proof?

A: No, I am afraid not, SPG is NOT waterproof.

Q:What are the accessories in the SPG package?

A: In the package of SPG, there are:                      

Stabilizer body * 1,

22650 battery * 1,

EVA for Gopro*1,

USB cable * 1,

Liner package * 1

Q:What are the thread sizes on the bottom and handle part of the SPG?

A: There are 1 / 4inch screw holes on both of handle and the bottom of SPG, which can be compatible with all the accessories with the 1 / 4inch screws,as the picture shown.

There is a M22 * 1.5mm screw thread on the bottom, It can be compatible with Feiyu extension bar.

Q:How to balance the SPG with different smartphone?

A: SPG Live

Please mount right counter-weights with your smartphone, and balance it refering to the picture below

If the smartphone tilts to the left, please adjust it to the right to the optimal balance status.

If the smartphone tilts to the right, please adjust it to the left to the optimal balance status.

The standard of balance is that the gimbal keeps level or close to a horizontal position when it’s off.

the smartphone won’t suddenly drop down after being mounted

As the picture shown

It’s fine if there are some spaces between the smartphone and the tilt motor.


Mounting the smartphone on the gimbal, and check the balance status


If the iPhone tilts to the right, you can loose the knob ring, move the cross arm to the left, try to adjust to the best balance then tighten it.

If the iPhone tilts to the left, you can loose the knob ring, move the cross arm to the right, try to adjust to the best balance then tighten it.

Q: How to use cold shoe mount in real application of SPG Plus?

There's one cold shoe mount in the package, which can be mounted in the 1/4inch screw hole, as the picture shown.

There are 3 pcs 1/4inch screw holes at the top of the SPG Plus, and another 2 pcs at the buttom of handle part.

Working together with some accessories ,such as LED flash/ full light /soft light/Microphone. As the picture shown.

Q: How to change from horizontal mode to vertical mode of SPG?

Here is a picture to show you how to do it.

The right way to hold the handle in vertical mode as shown

Please kindly do not put the panning motor and tilting motor in a line ,as the picture shown.

which would cause shaking or rotation by itself.

Two wrong ways to hold the handle.

Q:What are the do's and don'ts when using SPG?

A: 1) Please install the smartphone firstly, and then turn it on .

If you turn it on without the smartphone ,There will be some vibrations, and it will be enter stand-by mode automatically to protect the gimbal.

(2) Please balance the smartphone before turning it on.

(3)Please DO NOT place the battery in wrong direction0, the anode of the battery should be upwards, and the gimbal will be burnt if you did the wrong operations with the battery .

(3) Please turn off the gimbal and take out the battery if you didn’t use it for a long time, it is easy to over-discharge if you don’t do that.

Q: How to identify the right working mode through the status of the indicator??

A: The right working mode and the indicator as follows


Q: The gimbal keeps moving a little bit in lock mode, is it normal phenomenon?

A:Please try to initialize the gimbal and restore to factory settings with Feiyu On APP,

If there is still big movements after the above operations,we suggest you take a video to show us, and send it back to repair. If it is a little bit movements in lock mode, please try to use other working modes except lock modes.


Q:The knob ring is stuck, I could not lock or unlock it. Can you help me with this ?

A:There are two situations when the knob ring is stuck.

  • The arm can be easily moved when the knob ring is stuck, please try to twistthe knob ring to the lock direction(T).
  • The arm is stuck, and the knob ring can’t be tighten whatever you do, please try to twistthe knob ring to the unlock direction(L).

If you tried your best ,and still can’t loose it, please send back to fix it.

Here is a tip for you:please make sure tighten the knob ring when the gimbal is not been used , and then put it in the bag to avoid the knob ring move the unlocked direction and be stuck.

Q: After turning on the SPG, it is not working and can’t keeps steady, how to deal with it?

A: Please check if the battery is fully charged (battery voltage is 4.0V or above) first, if there is no problem with the battery,

There are two situations:

(1)If the indicator light isn’t on, there may be something wrong with the hardware, please send back to us for repair.

(2) If the indicator light is on after turning on the SPG gimbal

. Please make sure mount the camera on. If not, the gimbal will enter stand-by mode to protect the motor.

. If the light flashes three times quickly and do not work, please check whether you failed to upgrade the firmware with Feiyu On before, or upgrde the wrong firmware.

If it is the firmware issue,please try to update the firmware with the latest Feiyu On APP or re-upgrade firmware by your PC or Mac.

  1. If you didn’tupdate the firmware with Feiyu On, it happened because the inner parametersmay be missed after a level-calibration with Feiyu On , we highly suggest you send it back to re-calibrate.

(Authorized dealer can use the calibration software to re-calibrate it).

Q:After turning on the SPG, it starts to spin around.

A: It happened because the control signals may mess , or attitude parameter may lose.

We suggest you try to upgrade the firmware,

if it didn’t work after that, please kindly send back to re-calibrate.

(Authorized dealer can use calibrate software to re-calibrate it.)

Q:There are some vibrations in working mode when the smartphone mounting on a SPG, what should I do? 

A: Please kindly check the following steps to fix it.

(1) Check whetherthe mounting way is right, such as matching the righ Counter weight with your smartphone, and balance it before power on. 

Whether tightening the smartphone with the mounting plate

whether there is any space between the back of smartphone and the mounting plate

whether the distance of two pairs of uncovered long screw is equal, as the picture shown.

(2) If you did the right steps as above, please try to connect Feiyu On APP to restore to factory settings. If the problem is the same as before, please try to decrease the rolling motor strength with 5 by 5.

Q: The direction of the camera movements is reverse as the joystick controlled, or the speed controlled by the joystick is too low to catch a video, how to set up?

A: Please try to set up the speed and the direction of the joystick in the settings of Feiyu On.

Q: How to upgrade the firmware of SPG?

A: There are two ways for SPG to upgrade firmware, The first one is to upgrade it with Feiyu On APP.

The second way is to upgrade it in your PC or Mac, all the upgrade files can be downloaded from our website.

Here is the video to guide you : https://youtu.be/yDHTLYQtnbc

Q: How to download the APP for SPG?

A:The APP for SPG is named Feiyu On, Feiyu On for Android can be downloaded from our website and Google Play, Feiyu On for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store.

Q: FY Settings can’t be downloaded from the App Store.

A: We have combined the original FY Settings and Feiyu On into new APP(Feiyu On) for better usage, Please try to use new Feiyu On with SPG.

Q: What are HID mode and App mode?

A:There are two modes of Bluetooth in SPG series, HID mode and App mode.

The full name of HID mode is Human Interface Device,you can pair the Bluetooth of the gimbal and your smartphone in this mode , and then take control of your photography-taking of your own smartphone with Bluetooth shutter.

App mode means App connect mode, you can connect Feiyu on with the gimbal, take control of your photography-taking of Feiyu on with Bluetooth shutter.

Q: How to identify current Bluetooth mode?

A: You can identify two modes from the light color at the moment of power on.

The light color from blue to green means in HID mode, you can pair the Bluetooth.

The light color from red to green means in App mode, you can connect the App.

Q: How to switch between HID mode and App mode?

A: When the gimbal is off, push the joystick up and hold, press the function button about 1 second, release it until the light is green.

You can identify whether the mode is changed successfully with the light color at the moment of power on.

Q: The camera can’t be controlled by the bluetooth shutter on the handle after a successful bluetooth pairing, what’s going on?

A: Please check the following steps to make sure it works.

  • Please check whether thevolume + key can control the starting and ending of a video or picture.
  • Please make sure SPG works in HID mode(check the light from blue to green at the moment of power on)
  • Please make sure that you don’t jailbreak your iPhone if you use iPhone , And the Android system is above 4.3 version if you use Android smartphone.
  • There may be incompatibleif you use Sangsung A7 and Note4.

Q: How to connect the gimbal with Feiyu on?

A:Power on the gimbal(make sure install the smartphone in the gimbal and install Feiyu on firstly),check whether it works in APP mode(The light color changes from red to green at the moment of power on),and Turn on the Bluetooth in your mobile, run Feiyu on. Slide to the left or right to choose the right gimbal(such as SPG Live),click on”Connect” to make a connection .It will enter the main interface while the connection is done.

The connected interface as the picture shown.