FeiyuTech, one of the world’s leading gimbal brands,launched a new, all-in-one gimbal – the G6 Plus. The release of this new gimbal announces that the era of all-in-one gimbals with intelligent follow focus and OLED display is coming.

Main Features

Less is more, the best all-in-one gimbal

In order to better satisfy the users' demands, the G6 Plus is the gimbal that is compatible with Smartphone's, sports camera and mirrorless cameras.

No block in visual

Designed to allow an unlimited rotation angle of the pan axis and 35 degrees angle for the vertical arm, the G6 Plus can expand the visual view and help users to easily capture scenes and while filming.

Brand-new digital zoom button of G6 Plus

Compared with the previous G series, the G6 Plus innovates with a new digital zoom button on its handles. Users can zoom in or out, follow focus, change focus, precisely control the three axis, and adjust the parameters of Smartphone's and cameras by the digital zoom button.


The G6 Plus is equipped with a low power consumption OLED display which is easy for users to know the battery consumption, working modes and camera modes etc.

Dual connection mode: WiFi + Bluetooth, and APP.

The G6 Plus can enter WiFi and bluetooth modes simultaneously in the same way as G6's dual connection mode. When using the gimbal, users can set the parameters and the operation of follow focus and adjust focus for the gimbal, APP and the photographic equipment.  (Subject to actual specific model)