Do you want to make fatastic film?

If yes,please follow us!

Here is a easy way to make cinematic shots.

Get one FeiyuTech gimbal to create your own Hollywood movies!!

If you want to use your DSLR camera to shooting,then you can choose our AK2000 or AK4000.

  • AK2000 —— 8KG Payload DSLR Stabilizer

The AK2000 payload is 250g-2800g,the ultra-large torque motors of infinite power makes AK2000 can bear most of professional SLR cameras and lens..The focus ring not only can control the focus and zoom but also can be used to control the high-precision rotation of the motor.

  • AK4000 —— 4KG Payload DSLR Stabilizer

AK4000 has super-strong payload capacity,the maximum payload is 4KG.Low-power LCD touch panel for easy adjustment of follow focus/zoom/motor speed...If you are a professional film maker,you may want add pole,tripod or other accessories.

If you want a wearable gimbal,our WG2X is a good choice.

WG2X Wearable & Mountable Gimbal

Besides other fuctions,WG2X add a new fuction,it can connect the wifi to repaid shooting.Benefits from the strong composite materials, the body is only weight for 238g, which enables you keep free and relaxed while wearing it during the travel.

Most of the people who love shooting or travel owns a action camera,so the action camera gimbal is necessory.

G6 Handheld Action Camera Gimbal

G6 is compatible with GoPro HERO 6/ HERO 5/Sony RX0 and the other action cameras with similar shape and size.The 35° elevation angle makes it no bolck in visual.

  • G5GS Sony Action Camera Gimbal

Splash-proof design of the gimbal enables you no worrying about the impact of rain whilst shooting. Using the G5GS auto-rotate function, you can capture more dynamic visuals without the need for other heavy equipment and can experience the fun of mobile time-lapse photography

If you want to more freedom or relaxe in travel,we want to recommend you a wide capabity gimbal:G6 Plus

  • G6 Plus —— All in One

Though G6 Plus is small and poratble,it can supports most of cameras within 800g.Easily compatible with GoPro, mobile phones, Pocket video camera, and Micro-single lens reflex camera for easier installation.

In addition to the camera gimbal,you should know FeiyuTech smartphone gimbal.

  • SPG2 —— Handheld Smartphone Gimbal

SPG2 added a creative trigger button, you can follow your inclinations to do any creations in "shadow hunting" mode,it will enter fast lock and reset status,then sharply respond to any rotations of each degree, quickly capture the wonderful moment.

  • Vimble 2 —— Gimbal & Pole

180mm long extension bar gives smart phone wider frame and the beautiful scenery can be framed in easily.You can have a better using experience when taking selfies and being in live show.