Vimble 2 is the new refining for smartphone photography,and it enables you to love shooting!The telescoping pole can be extended to183mm, which can make the beautiful scenery be framed in easily. Upgraded Material(PC、PA6 and other high-strength materials) makes it support to work in temperatures within -45 ℃ to 135 ℃.


More Details of Vimble 2:

*It supports mobile device width size: 57-84mm

*Once you connect the gimbal with Vicool App, and continuously click the function button for three times, the smart phone camera lens will shift from back and front quickly.

*Easilyadapt itself in different shooting scenes.                                                    

* Have better using experience when taking selfies and being in live show. 

*Face Tracking&Object Tracking:Fingers slightly scratch the scree to lock the focus, And it can achieve intelligent following with deep simulation to ensure the focus not to be out of the frame.

*Various Time-lapse Photography & Panorama Photography.

*Long-lasting Working Time: If it be fully charged, you can usually use the gimbal about 10 hours.